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Opinions of Sunday, 26 January 2014

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

Nana Akufo Addo to Listen to Only Two Voices out of the Four

? ?At a church service in London in December 2013, the pastor made the congregation aware that there are four voices that we constantly hear in our ears as individuals.

Each of these four voices is competing to attract our attention, direct our aspirations and intentions.?The voices that we hear on daily basis are:? * Your own voice

* The voice of other people

* The voice of God

* The voice of Satan ?Among the four, we often do the bidding of the voice of others. Whenever you have a plan or aspiration, especially when it has do with people as in say, politics, you often ask yourself, what will people say about me when I do this or that? You often deviate from your own plan or path of doing things by yielding in to what others want you to do. For the fear of others condemning you for failing to heed their voice, you most often do what they require of you but not what you would normally want to do even if their wish is evil.?

The voice of others may oftentimes be discouraging yet, you fall for it. I am not going to discuss in detail the voices but our propensity to become the victims of the voices of others is what I am warning Nana Akufo Addo against.?I have read the views of many using age to attempt to dissuade Nana Addo from going for the NPP flag bearer’s slot a third consecutive time. However, his own voice and that of God may be egging him on to go for the slot a third time – "third time lucky"?I have also just read on Ghanaweb under its General news of Friday 24 January 2014 a view expressed by that quack Ghanaian pollster going by the name Ben Ephson. He had compared former President Kufuor and Nana Akufo Addo about who could win the NPP flag bearer’s slot easily and then the presidential race. He claims Nana is popular to win the flag bearer’s race but not the presidency as he does not appeal to floating voters.?How dare Ben Ephson, a self-styled Ghanaian pollster overflowing with partiality in favour of the NDC compare apples to oranges to come out with such a conclusion? President Kufour’s time is past. He is done and dusted when it comes to discussing the current trend of political leadership in Ghana. If Ben was any sensible guy, he would have compared Nana to say, Alan Kyeremateng or the clueless but insatiably greedy President Mahama.?

Nana should not fall a victim to the dirty ploys by the NDC spearheaded by their agents and assigns of whom Ben Ephson stands out conspicuously. I am certain Ben is intellectually and morally blind and deaf. Did he watch or listen to the live telecast of the Supreme Court proceedings on Election 2012 petition? Did he see or hear how Dr Afari Gyan was lying and could not even define certain previously agreed Election 2012 terms and definitions like "No verification No Vote" and "Over voting? He who lies will poo himself under cross-examination in a witness box. There is not even the need for discussing Johnson Asiedu Nketiah in the witness box, a great liar or charlatan as he was.?Was Ben Ephson happy with the verdict statements by William Atuguba and his other four colluding judges? It is only an insane and morally bankrupt individual that could say Nana Addo did not win presidential election 2012 but Mahama did. This is the reason why I am advising Nana Akufo Addo to trust his own voice, then the voice of God, both of which are in perfect consonant with one another.?The voice of distractors like Ben Ephson’s is very dangerous for the health of Ghana’s economy and the wellbeing of Nana Akufo Addo. The NDC paid- agents are out now doing their usual nonsensical diversionary tactics, throwing dust into people’s eyes. Are they happy with the current state of Ghana’s economy with all the thievery Mahama and his family, friends and paid-agents are inflicting on Ghana? I hope they are,because they are major beneficiaries of the windfall from Mahama’s incompetence and official corruption.?Nana Akufo Addo, alias David, please do according as your own voice consequent upon your interactions with God Almighty through daily supplications to Him tells you. If your voice dictates to you to go for the NPP flag bearer’s slot, please do go for it. Many a Ghanaian is with you, Ghana’s Liberator in waiting, Nana Akufo Addo. ? ?I am coming back but very slowly. I know how much my fans miss me. I dedicate this write-up to Nana Sarkodie Ababio, the owner and DJ Sources of Sources radio UK FM 96.3 and Online for always wishing me speedy recovery from my illness caused by the current cold weather.? ?