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Opinions of Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Columnist: Ayeboafo, Yaw Awuah Boadu

Nana Akuffo Addo’s Leadership is needed

, It cannot be better under President Mahama

Ghana is in dire need of leadership. A leadership that inspire, can whip and unleash the best in the teaming youthful population with a winning mindset through policies and programs that work.

It is regrettable generations of Ghanaians have suffered by leadership characterized by ineptitude, corruption, mediocrity, a tendency to settle for less, lack of far reaching visions and ideas to make Ghana a progressive Nation. Isn’t ironic, the NDC has rolled back all the economic successes of the previous NPP government in less than four years?

Nana Addo terms it ‘leadership paralysis- a government of lies, propaganda, hypocrisy, incompetence, corruption and economic hardships’. A phenomenon I believe has sapped or depleted the energies and confidence of many a Ghanaian. Leadership paralysis largely accounts for over forty years out of the fifty-five year post-independence history of Ghana. Unmistakably, the PNDC/NDC political legacy has been in charge for nearly thirty years out of the forty-year failed leadership. It is interesting the current NDC’s leadership spearheaded by President Mahama cannot be different from successive governments of the NDC’s heritage in terms of what they can offer to change Ghana for better. The level of economic hardship and hopelessness fueled by their inept leadership, alleged corruption marked by unprecedented fraudulent payments of judgment debts and the lack of new ideas is so high. Ghanaians cannot wait more than the five months remaining of their current constitutionally mandated government to come to an end.

We’re in uncertain times but one thing is certain to the Ghanaian-it cannot be better under president Mahama, as promised more than three years ago. The current president, Mr. Mahama and his vice, Mr. Amissah have been very instrumental in the current economic difficulty we find ourselves as chairman of government’s economic management team and governor of the central bank respectively. What opportunity has these men not had over the last three years in their previous positions to better the lot of the Ghanaian? Indeed, President Mahama and his worn out team cannot save the sinking NDC’s government which is fast taking Ghana into an abyss of unprecedented economic hardship and national despondency. They’re obviously at the end of the road and seem to have limited options. We only hope they do not ply the end game strategy by depleting our resources further through fraudulent settlements of debts and other corrupt practices. Lest they forget, justice awaits them should they continue plying the fraudulent option.

Ghanaians are at the crossroads with unlimited options in the numerous political parties that are canvassing for their votes come December. We rather beware of the promises in order not to be deceived as President Mahama and his NDC succeeded in doing 2008.

We have the best bet in the tested NPP and its seasoned leadership spearheaded by the pragmatic visionary, Nana Akuffo Addo, as the next president of the Republic of Ghana on January 7, 2013 to unleash his transformational leadership agenda in order to bring the best out of the Ghanaian.

As usual the doubting Thomas is out there putting every spin and casting aspersions on the practicality of his programs and policies under an imminent NPP government. The apostles of we cannot do this and that are out there. Obviously, their imaginations are limited to as far as their eyes can see and are afraid to soar high like the eagle. No wonder we’ve Graduates Unemployment Association, Street Vendor Boys and Girls Association, Veranda Boys and Girls Association, Azoka Boys Association, Foot Soldiers Association, Heros’ Fund, etc.

They said……, we couldn’t finance a National Health Insurance Scheme and that Ghanaians should have continued with their Cash and Carry Health policy which had turned our hospitals into grave yards. Upon the NPP’s successful implementation of the policy, they shamelessly retreated promising a one-term payment should they be elected. Yet, nearly four years of their election they have not had the guts to even open discussions on how it could be achieved. They said……., the NPP had plunged Ghana into indebtedness, in spite of the numerous successful projects implemented. Yet, under the current NDC’s government of President Mahama Ghana’s debt stock has quadrupled in the face of increased oil revenues. They said……, they’d reduced fuel prices drastically. Yet, they’ve failed to abide by even a competent court of law’s decision to remove an illegal charge on fuel prices.

They said……., the NPP’s government ministers were corrupt and thieves, and that they should expand the Nsawam prisons for their potential incarceration should they-the NDC won the election in 2008. Yet nearly four years in charge of the Nation all their acts of political vendetta and persecution of top NPP ministers have failed horribly like their economic management.

They mocked and denigrated the construction of the Jubilee House and promised to have nothing to do with it. Yet, they shameless wanted turn it into a grave yard as a presidential mausoleum and only back tracked when public opinion was rife against them.

Indeed, Nana Akuffo Addo’s leadership is urgently needed more than ever in the face of increasing hardship on the citizenry fueled by the inept and visionless NDC government.

Yaw Awuah Boadu Ayeboafo, Tepa-Ashanti,