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Opinions of Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Columnist: Quaye, Stephen A.

Nana Akuffo Addo Won’t Arrest Rawlings

By: Stephen A.Quaye.

Not quite long ago, an NDC activist came out with a warning that should the NPP 2012 presidential candidate be elected as president, he would arrest ex-president Jerry John Rawlings and throw him to jail.
Such statement intended to poison the minds of the electorates ahead of the upcoming general elections seriously indicates to one how those propagandists are shaking under the NDC party.
Funny, really it was funny reading such a story on the internet because I know it will never happen.
Rather, Jerry Rawlings will help the NPP government to arrest and prosecute those corrupt government officials now hiding under the umbrella party.
Have you asked yourself why the president for some time now stopped talking about his aim to uproot corruption? Your answer is as good as my but please for now keep it to yourself.
Yes it was not president Atta Mills alone who carried campaign against corruption in Ghana and could not achieve success I agree with you.
Ex-president Kuffuor and ex-president Rawlings all started something but could not achieve hundred percent successes.
Their era is gone and we are now in President Mills’s era therefore we have the right to talk about his achievement so far as excavating corruption in the country was concern.
Here some of his followers sensing danger ahead of the December polls that the tax professor could not retain his seat, have decided to create panic in system to pave way for the tax professor but that would do more damage to him than help him.
Just before the 2008 general elections every “thing” former president Rawlings spotted in blue and white material with the symbol of the elephant in was described as corrupt.
Then he started sniffing some corruption odour from the government making him to raise concern about it and calling on his former apprentice to act swiftly to put things in proper perspective.
Even it got to the point of describing the ministers serving under president Mills as “TEAM B” and therefore not qualified to hold such higher positions.
The ex-president came out clearly and boldly to talk about the serious corruption that was and is taking place in the government only for him to be tag by his party members.
He threw in the towel of his fight against corruption when observing the serious note of corruption that was going on.
Now the boat is sinking with non NDC members who were not in the woods but join the party after it has won the elections to enjoy the booties and they are scared falling into their own dug out pits of corruption therefore has to give dog a bad name for them to escape.
But as I said earlier on that it will never happen that Nana Akuffo Addo would arrest Rawlings, so I bet with my last coin that ex-president Rawlings will support whatever government that kick off trials of NDC corrupt ministers and activists who are now grabbing state funds and properties.
P.C.Appiah Offori is NPP Member of Parliament but he on countless occasions took upon himself to fight against corruption in NPP government at that time.
Some NDC gurus supported his campaign against the NPP the party he belong because it was serving as a campaign tool for they members of the NDC.
Very soon the table is going to turn whereby all shall see ex-president Rawlings joining the opposition and pulling the legs of the president he imposed on Ghanaians to fall from the seat.
Huh, I can see how some people will sprint looking at their back like Usain Bolt eh. But on a more serious note Nana Akuffo Addo will never arrest Jerry Rawlings
But it should also not surprise you when you see the ex-president leading a campaign against corrupt ministers who are serving presently under president Atta Mills.