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Opinions of Monday, 1 June 2009

Columnist: Amegashie, Felix Mawulolo

Nana Addo Sounded Like A 'Serial Caller'?


Ghanaians woke up to the news that Nana Addo was covertly planning a self-imposing, image-redeeming and ego-flattering press conference as a conduit to getting his cohorts in WILDAF and the ranting Ursula Owusu to run riot in the name of advocacy for women in Ghana.

Many of us expected nothing other than a liturgy of accusations, deceptions and an ego-massaging address in the name of a Press conference to lash out at the Atta Mills Government.

I listened to Honourable Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa’s quick rebuttal on Joy Fm, seconds after the Press Conference and he minced no words in describing Nana Addo’s laughable assertions as dicto-compo reverberations of a frustrated “serial caller” on Kennedy Adjepong’s Oman FM.

The NPP propaganda machinery hastily jumped on the frail and called the bluff of the Honourable Deputy Minister calling him a small boy .Lets face the reality of the situation.

In the first place, Nana Addo arrived late for the Press Conference just like the way a serial caller calls into a live programme very late and hastily makes uninformed and rude and divisive statements and ruined the rather perfect afternoon of serious-minded Ghanaians. How can a man who wanted to be president arrive late at a Press Conference he personally organized and wants Ghanaians to trust him with running a government with seriousness?

Secondly, Nana Addo mentions that President Mills had failed to make good the following promises; clearing the city of filth, appointing 40% percent of women into government, tackling crime and violent robberies, reduction of taxes on petroleum products, amongst others. May be Nana Addo had been out of the country nursing his wounds after he was defeated in the elections. May be he had been busy trying to raise money to pay the difference of the taxes he allegedly dodged with the CEPS on his vehicle for so long and maybe he has been drinking too much tea and pancake for so long that he has forgotten that prices and taxes has been reduced ever since he stepped foot in Ghana after his loss! It is shocking that Nana Addo again gathers his Dutch courage to point his short accusing fingers at the President for aiding the perpetuation of the Dagbon crisis. Nana was Attorney General when the murder happened and we all know how his bad judgment and shallow knowledge of our laws exonerated the accused, and now he wants to talk about this issue again? Nana Addo should give Atta Mills a long break and wait impatiently to see if at the end of the four years this matter will not be put to a permanent rest.

Again, Nana Addo deceptively quotes strange prices for the cost of tubers, gari, plantain, ice etc. What he failed to tell you and I was that there are a variety of foodstuffs on the market and their respective prices. So what kind, variety, size and quantity of rice, plantain, gari or tubers was he referring too? A case of predetermined deception and a blatant misrepresentation of the facts!

I will not bore you with the garbage Nana Addo fed his gullible audience but to inform Nana Addo that his concentration should be on reconciling his party and his internet opponents and not to use this childish political antiques as a decoy to the real personal and political witches that haunt him!

If I heard Honourable Okudzeto clearly, he stated that Nana Addo “sounded” like a serial Caller. I admire the courage of these callers because they contribute one way or the other to deepening the freedom-of- speech component of our democracy but Nana Addo and his ambitious chain of spokespersons and newspapers should not insult the intelligence of these serial callers by alluding that they make silly comments and statements and that Nana Addo cannot be compared to them because he is a better individual and has a higher social status than anyone else within his party.

Obviously, unholy attempts are being made to vilify and misconstrue the rather fair comments of Okudzeto but like we say, “truth stands”! I believe Okudzeto just wanted to tell Ghanaians that all the issues that Nana Addo was raising are the same issues that activists of the NPP kept repeating all these years and his press conference sounded nothing more than a reverberation of these trivial.

Honourable Okudzeto was explicit in his comments and no measurable quantum of spin put on his words by the treacherous NPP propaganda machinery can misrepresent and misinterpret these fair assertions.

To Nana Addo and cronies, we expect a more intellectually established arguments to helping build a better Ghana whilst the NPP is in opposition rather than the verbose and dishonest statements he made on that fateful Tuesday.

The NPP has a lot to handle with taming the ego of this defeated flag bearer other than Atta Mills has in dealing with our economic and social problems of this country in moving us forward in a better direction. Long Live Ghana and Long Live the NPP in opposition!