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Opinions of Monday, 28 June 2010

Columnist: Sayibu, Akilu

Nana Addo Must Eschew His Perceive Arrogance ....

Or Be Ready To Be Eschewed By Politics

During a meeting with the Upper-East regional Executives of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in Bolgatanga as part of his campaign tour of the North on the 23rd June 2010, Nana Akuffo Addo; one of the five aspirants vying to lead the NPP for election 2012 was reported to have angrily barked when he was asked why he had many coordinators issuing contradictory directives during the meeting.

Nana Addo is reported to have said “If even I appoint a goat as a coordinator and so what” This was how the regional organizer of the NPP in Upper East region reported the rumpus on Joyfm mid-day news of 24th June 2010. It must be said that, the numerous Spokespersons of Nana Addo were not available to state the side of Nana Addo.

However, on the 25th June 2010 one of Nana’s campaign persons one Boakye- Agyarko said in an interview on Citi-fm that, Nana Addo had no apology to render to the regional executives of the NPP in Upper East region because he did nothing wrong saying what he had said.

Many people who heard Agyarko were so disappointed of his futile attempt to justify the rather unfortunate remarks his boss was reported to have made in Bolgatanga.

The perception already abounds that, Nana Addo is so arrogant and complacent and his “Any goat could be my coordinator” comment was seen as a celebrated example of such arrogance. Nana Addo’s insistence not to apologize to the regional executives only went further to bolster the perception.

Some are of the view that, Nana Addo talked down on the executives because they are Northerners and wonder if he can use such disrespectful words on Executives of the NPP in Ashanti region or Eastern region?

Others questioned whether those words were the best he could obtain from his vocabulary to answer the query of the delegates? Just why did he use those words?

Some also wondered if it was just the re-enactment of the general belittlement that Northerners are alleged to be facing in the NPP and only use to carry the palanquin and thrown into the nearest bin when the “King” reaches his destination?

Another group questions the difference between what a leading Member of the NPP Mr. Kwame Pianim said to the effect that, “Any dog could hold a flag” and Nana Addo’s comment which translates as “Any dog could be a coordinator”?

The worry of most in the Dombo-Busia-Danquah tradition is that, arrogance can’t win the NPP the much desired power. Humility should be the prerequisite of any candidate aspiring to win elections for the NPP.

No candidate can force Ghanaians to vote for him or her as president in Ghanaian elections. Winning the candidature of the NPP is one thing and winning elections as president is another thing.

Since the NPP is a public entity and not a tribal NGO any body whose desires to lead the NPP and makes comments that stands to be used against the party in future elections must be called to order. It is a public property and the same public must condemn utterances of leading figures of the party that has bad effect on the Corporate NPP.

I respect the effort the communication team of Nana Addo is making in terms of managing his communications. However on this occasion they failed woefully!! What was wrong with his spokespersons saying “Nana Addo was gotten out of context and we are sorry if the regional executives are offended” Why couldn’t they just say this but rather decided to provoke the people much more by Boakye Agyarko’s we Won’t apologize interview on Citi FM?

Let Nana Addo be reminded that, not only will he need the votes of the very executives he “insulted” to lead the NPP, he will as well need their votes in the general elections of 2012 should he emerge the candidate of the NPP for the election.

In the circumstance the best thing to do is to give the Upper East regional executives the apology they requested for. It is still not late. I hope somebody is listening.

Akilu Sayibu UK