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Opinions of Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Columnist: Addo, Okamafo Asamani

Nana Addo, Jesus Christ was humble but the most courageous man

All die be die doesn’t show courage

By Okamafo Asamani Addo

The bible tells us that Jesus Christ was a humble man when he saw that he’s

fathers house was been desecrated and turned in a den of thieves he cracked the

whip and chased the charlatans out of the church that is the mark of a leader ,

Jesus Christ was a courageous man and humble mad when it came to him being

nailed on the cross he courageously gave himself up for the redemption of

mankind from the throes of sin and eternal life that was the mark of a leader

who died for a cause and single handedly stood for mankind he didn’t think that

all of us should die a stupid death like what Nana Addo is calling for.

They say if the gods want to make u mad they first destroy you but the way

things are going Mr Akuffo Addo is on his way to political; perdition and its

obvious that the gods are first making him and his lap dogs like Kennedy

Agypong mad before destroying them.

But between Nana Addo and people like Sir John the bob Okala of Ghana politics

and Clowns like Kennedy Adjapong are exhibiting mindsets in their party about

ethnicity and a mindset that shows that he has already admitted that the NPP has

already lost the 2010 elections.

Per his all die be die statement he knows very well that he’s going to lose the

election but he’s finding it very difficult to throw in the towel well in

advance and so he’s wobbling and making his clowns like Kennedy to issue death

treats and making all kinds of statement by beating war drums but I promise him

he would crush every turn of the road if President Mills is alive

And for way I see things Nana Addo is not a custodian of morals but rather an

anarchist but indeed in the history of Ghana its has been proven that that when

it comes to political leadership religion and morality has been the back bone of

Ghana and not ethnic violence and treat in politics look at the way he

denigrated the women of Volta Hall,

, however society set certain standards by which people are measured and it is

the conviction of every Ghanaian that if the nation cannot bequeath to Ghanaians

and our children the future leaders anything, at all, It must at least bequeath

to them as a people or a leader, a high sense of morality and uprightness sand

humility and not a hot headed person who believes come what may he must

definitely be the President of Ghana if not war and Bottoms’.

And there is no denying fact that Ghanaians now know that the country can not

the affairs of Ghana to ignoramus people like Nana Addo but needs some one who

would provide the needed pivot and respect around the nations forward march.

But what I would advise the members of the elephant family is that President

Mills is a humble leader he has exhibited it for Ghanaians to know we know that

his humility is known beyond the bounds of Ghana and Africa and you cannot take

it from him he was the most courageous when it came to War in Ivory Coast other

African leaders can attest to that fact that force in Ivory Coast is now


That is why is believe that Akufo s confidence in saying al die be die is

nothing but a brattish approach to life and its nothing but hypocrisy and


What the people of Ghana are looking for is a humble selfless, truly confident <

intelligent, non corrupt god fearing leader and that no other leader likes

President John Evans Atta Mills