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Opinions of Sunday, 17 May 2015

Columnist: Kusi, Duncan

NPP will win 2016 elections

Despite that there have problems and internal wrangling in NPP party, they would still win the 2016 election.

I am taking the internal wrangling as brainstorming because, one of the principles of democracy is to argue. This means that one has every right to speak his or her mind.

I have been saying that I am not for NPP and do not belong to any party,. but if they win I would be happy because, if I compare what they did to what P/NDC did and what they are doing today, they disserve to be awarding with gold medals for good governance.

Recently, somebody wrote that NPP is more united than Manchester United, I was enthused and expecting that to exist in the party so that we can enjoy what we were enjoying when they were in power.

We can confirm that our cedi did not suffer too much in the hands of foreign currencies.

Alawa for our teacher trainees and nurses were flowing like life water.

National Health insurance was working effectively to ease the financial burden of our people in diaspora.

Our children were able to pass and get work to do after SHS graduation.

Metro Mass Transport was in full operation as well as our Ghana International Airlines.

It is my prayer that NPP should come back with new strategies to solve our graduates unemployment problems.

All those who are thinking that the internal wrangling of NPP is caused by the devil is lying and would be ashamed because, the problem would not exist forever.

They are just brainstorming to know the right way to deal with complicated issues.

NPP is more united than Manchester United!

May God bless us.