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Opinions of Friday, 13 December 2019

Columnist: Kwadwo Antepim

NPP should remove Indemnity Clause from the Constitution

I would request NPP to make the removal of the Indemnity Clause in the Constitution as a Campaign issue for the 2020 Elections.

This will enable the NPP, in case they win the Elections, to receive the Mandate from the People to try those who staged the 1979 coup and thereby put the Country into a Standstill for a whole 19 years in which many barbarous atrocities were committed against Ghanaians including the destruction of hundreds of thousands of human lives, economic and material destructions which have driven the country backward for about 50 years.

The country began to resurrect when President Kuffour started to pick up the pieces, followed by President Arthur Mills and also Nana Addo who is gradually putting the country on the right path.

We even do not know the scale of the atrocities which were committed in the Villages and Cities in the other Regions in the country. For this reason, it is imperative that we hold those responsible accountable and stop this Ghanaian behaviour of putting such atrocities under the carpet once and for all.

It is only when we get to know the scale of these atrocities that we can prevent the same situation from happening again in the future.

Therefore, it is by trying those who committed those atrocities that we can know the facts and the motives of those involved who, for selfish purposes, destroyed our beloved country for such a long peroid of time.

We must be thankful to Professor Adu Boahene and others who had the courage to break the Culture of Silence in the country. For example in Germany, those who collaborated with Hitler to cause such immense damage to the country for over 70 years ago are still being tried irrespective of their old age.

Therefore we have tried those criminals as we know them by now, in order to prevent future selfish individuals who are many in the country from destroying our country by hiding their real motives.