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Opinions of Monday, 10 March 2014

Columnist: Newton-Offei, Justice Abeeku

NPP must not fail Ghanaians in 2016

The Mills-Mahama-led NDC promised a one-time premium for NHIS, GHc200million annual payments into SADA fund, to reduce petrol price drastically, build 300,000 affordable housing units, irrigate the entire Accra plains and turn it into a world-class food basket and so on. But, none of these has been actually actualized, well into the second term of Mills-Mahama-Amissah-Arthur administration.

Meanwhile, this very same bunch of nation-wreckers have turned round to make another promise to actualize the concept of FREE SHS in 2016, which is an election year, when they had vehemently fought against it, tooth-and-nail, just a little over a year ago; and at a time the nation cannot even afford a common item as chalk for basic schools, not forgetting government's inability to release funds for feeding grants due to a dried-up state coffers with its resultant closure of nearly 90% of second cycle institutions across the nation, early this year.

This should clearly tell you that, indeed, these NDC people have never had any good intentions for the future of our dear nation and its people. Rather, they have always been pre-occupied with diabolic schemes of how to deceive the gullible masses, before and during electioneering campaigns, and then top it up with skillful and highly efficient election-rigging machine so they can continue perpetuating themselves in power to enable them "CREATE,LOOT AND SHARE".

NPP therefore cannot afford to let down the suffering masses of our dear nation, by failing to boot these socio-economic vampires out of office, come 2016, through our very own self-inflicted bigotry arising from blind-folded hero-worshiping and cult-like mentality which is now fast-gaining grounds in our party that is well-noted for decency, truth, service, selflessness, dedication, hard-work, unconditional loyalty and genuine brotherliness.

So, we either unite for a resounding victory-2016, or, continue with our newly-acquired confused and selfish ways of doing things to the detriment of our common-good and our party's positive electoral fortunes, lose the 2016 elections and collectively sink into totally total totality of political oblivion.

A WORD TO THE WISE..............................!

Justice Abeeku Newton-Offei E-mail: