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Opinions of Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Columnist: Clement Sangaparee

NPP is the originator of political violence and tribal politics in Ghana

Vigilante groups have been cited for lawlessness in the country Vigilante groups have been cited for lawlessness in the country

After the 1954 general elections organized by our British colonial masters, the Chief Linguist of the Asantehene, Baffour Akoto founded the National Liberation Movement (NLM) with ‘Mate - meho’ as its local name.

In October 1956 Baffour Akoto appeared before the Asanteman Council and explained that the NLM was not a political party but a National Movement seeking a federal form of government. The leadership of the NLM fell into the hands of Mr. R.R. Amponsah, K.A. Busia and Joe Appiah all of them were violent tribal bigots who always put their tribe before the people and lost general elections in 1951, 1954 and 1956, and then resort to the killing of innocent men, women and children with bombs, cutlasses, soda water and even guns just because Dr. Nkrumah’s CPP had beaten them to pulp in the elections.

The NLM was a tribal grouping whose leadership portrayed the independence struggle as a general resentment against the CPP based on the belief that Ashanti as a whole and a people in history were being ‘Smothered’ by a rival nationalist movement whose principal leaders were NON ASHANTIS. Dear reader, are you following this historical facts which president Akufo-Addo refused to tell Ghanaians on 6th March 2017 during Ghana’s 60th independence celebration?

Let’s go on. The NLM derived part of its finances from various sources, the most prominent being Akim Abuakwa (Akufo-Addo’s hometown) and Kumasi State Councils. The Abuakwa State Council ordered the deduction of a month’s pay from the salary of each chief whether they agreed or not – it was compulsory.

The Council also used part of the money to purchase LARGE QUANTITIES OF SODA WATER which, when well shaken in a hot climate and thrown into a crowd of CPP supporters exploded and inflicted serious wounds from flying glass splinters, and most CPP supporters always ran far their dear lives. The Kumasi State Council accumulated nineteen thousand pounds that year for the purpose of building a new palace for the Asantehene, but rather donated all the money to the NLM to continue killing innocent people.

Therefore all members of the United Party/NPP are spree killers who have sadistic lust for blood since 1954 to date 2017.

Even though the NLM was accepted in Akim Abuakwa, it was purely a Kumasi based violent Ashanti movement and used the name of the Asantehene, the Golden Stool, Ashanti interests, Ashanti history ad Ashanti rights in gathering support. In order to challenge the then well organized CPP effectively, the NLM founded a number of violent organizations which included the Ashanti Farmers Union, the pro-NLM Trade Union a paramilitary organization called ‘Action Groupers’ always fully armed with cudgels, cutlasses, guns, and bottles of soda water simply because they were not cowards who could run away from any little threat and hide under their beds, they wound kill you for refusing to support their tribal party and cut open your stomach if you were a pregnant woman and throw Bombs in order to show you the BRAVERY OF THE AKANS. Apologies to Nana Akufo-Addo, current President of the Republic of Ghana.

All the violent bombings which rocked Ghana and claimed hundreds of innocent people's’ lives were the responsibility of the violent prone tribal grouping which the NPP represent today 2017 who were then holed up in Togo led by Dr. Busia. He conducted a sustained propaganda against all policies of Dr. Nkrumah’s
administration since 1951 to 1966 when America, Britain, France and the Ivory Coast, Togo and the then Upper Volta, (now Burkina Faso) joined hands to overthrow him in 1966. Both the NLC military junta that violently overthrew Dr. Nkrumah’s government and Busia’s United Party members were all Conservatives, as well as Ghana’s Clergy and the Ghana Bar Association including the University Teachers of Ghana.

Infact, if not for the FEAR OF GOD, the NPP should have been SCRAPPED from the books of Ghanaian politics as a political party because they are the originators of political violence, tribal politics, dirty politics, deception and murder in Ghana since they always kill innocent people in order to grab political power and even continue the killings after getting that power, Ghana has now become a Hell hole where only the DEAD have nothing to fear anymore under the confused, hopeless and incompetent government of the NPP.

All True members of the NDC should always be exposing the EVILS of the NPP member whether in government or in opposition and stop behaving like crabs in a bucket since 2009 to December 2016 and even beyond. We shall remain in opposition for a long time if we don’t stop that negative practice or Habits.

A class war

Highly placed group of people known as the CONSERVATIVES are known supporters of the NLM/United Party which form today’s NPP government in 2017.

The include 98% of University lecturers in our various Universities, Teachers of the various Senior High Schools, the clergy.

The judiciary and some Traditional Rulers in Ghana and the Ghana Bar Association (GBA), as well as the leadership of the Trades Union Congress (TUC),

However, members of the above institutions always DISTANCE THEMESELVES from the violence unleashed on innocent people by members of the UP/NPP members.

The Judicial service would have gone on a general strike if those Delta Force members who stormed the circuit court in Kumasi and released 13 of their members had taken place during the NDC time in office this year. THIS CLASS WAR IS BETWEEN THE MASSES LED BY THE GREAT NDC AND THE FEW CONSERVATIVES LED BY THE VIOLENT PRONE NPP SO, LOOK BEFORE YOU LEAP.

The CPP members were totally banned from politics in Ghana for 10 good years by the NLC military Junta in 1966 when Dr. Busia became the Chairman of the Centre for Civic Education and Campaigned for votes indirectly at a time the ban on party politics was still not lifted for three solid years so, by the time the ban on party politics was lifted, he was way ahead of all the contestants of the various political parties and finally won the elections on a silver platter but could not deliver due to witch hunting, tribalism and dismissal of several public and civil servants.

Col. Acheampong told him through the barrel of the gun that his time was up since his HYPOCRISY had been detected on 13th January, 1972. At a rally in Kumasi in 1969, the late Nana Prempeh Agyeman II asked Busia that now that he was the prime minister of Ghana – what was the future of the NLM? Dr. Busia told the King that we have discarded the NLM. This was shocking and unbelievable, the King gave a Royal smile and shucked his head in disbelief before he entered his vehicle and left. As Ghana’s president, the people prefer Truth To Lies, so, you must supply them the Truth at all times – Nana Addo – Waati Anaa?

More lies, deceit and corruption

Whenever the NPP is in power they turn politics from Public Service to Money Making hence their infamous slogan – PROPERTY OWNING DEMOCRACY – the Clergy cannot speak out, because it is an integral wing of the blood soaked NPP. The Ghana Bar Association can also not speak out, because it is also an integral wing of the NPP – CONSERVATIVES.

BUSIA- The so-called Best University Scholar in Africa, messed up the country’s economy disgracefully and could not identify a political disaster when he saw one in his capacity as Ghana’s prime minister at that time, because he was Remote Controlled from Britain and America in 1969.

Dr. Busia was a very greedy and dishonest intellectual crook who exchanged all his foreign currency on the Black market in flagrant violation of the Exchange Control Act of 1961. That money was for political detainees, and that explained the main reasons why Mr. Joe Appiah, Modesto Apaloo and Alex Hutton Mills flatly refused to join Busia’s Party in 1969 because he refused to Account for such huge monies that he collected overseas on behalf of Refugees from Ghana.

Dr. Busia, as Chairman for the Centre for Civic Education campaigned for three good years at a time that party politics was banned by the vicious NLC military Junta from 1966 to 1969 by using his so called ‘Busia’s Intelligence Boys’ to de-Nkrumahize Ghanaians by RE-EDUCATING THEM.

Therefore, by the time the ban on party politics was lifted on May 18th 1969, Dr. Busia was way ahead of all his political opponents as he was the favourite of the NLC military Junta at that time, so by the end of the year 1969, Dr. Busia had spent GH? 24,676.00 in political organization before the ban on party politics was lifted. Now president Akuffo Addo, the tribal war lord on War path, what do you say about this?

Are the above facts dazing you or it will lead to another ‘All – die – be - die’ battle cry? Who Are you deceiving?

As a former Young Pioneer Cadre, we cannot sit down and allow president Akuffo Addo and his violent prone NPP government to sweep the vast achievements of the late Dr. Nkrumah UNDER THE CARPET and glorify savagery by celebrating Nation wreckers like Dr. J.B. Danquah, Mr. R.R. Amponsah, Dr. K.A. Busia and ‘General’ Afrifa on National parades as he did at the independence square on 6th march 2017. He can re-write 10 billion books on Ghana’s political history the NPP way, but it will never see day light because Nkrumah Never Dies – Is that clear?

No Job is more worthwhile than supplying the Youth with the Truth, and this is exactly what I have done and will continue to do.

As Ghana’s president, the people prefer Truth to lies and Deceit so, you must supply them the truth at all times. Nana Addo – Waati Anaa?

You keep your fingers crossed, I shall return with more fire.

“Jaanbie Iwaii”

Aluta Continua

Clement Sangaparee
United Cadres Front

All Media Houses
Accra – Ghana