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Opinions of Friday, 19 February 2016

Columnist: Denis Andaban

NPP is a joke

The political temperature is very cold instead of hotter. The much talked about 2016 is here and sooner we shall be going to the polls to logically and reasonably make an important decision which stands to be an acceleration of our desired economic growth or a an epitome of destruction which can painfully draw us back under the trap of selfish and egocentric politicians who seek to deceive us as if they are the panacea to our economic impediments.

It is in this regards that, Ghanaians will definitely select a trusted, reliable, well tested, peaceful, resilient and creative person to continue our hopeful journey that would certainly leads us to the promise land.

The NPP being the largest opposition party in Ghana constantly claim to be the best alternative in the pending November polls but I see it to be self deception after their "self-destruction exercise"over the years.

It is a verifiable fact that Ghanaians are very discerning and are willingly ready to vote base on issues and nothing else. For the NPP to walk near its long-standing dream, it must proof its worth by professing policy alternatives to national developmental challenges relative to its so-called political ideology. I think the NPP knows this. Am not a political strategist though.

Ironically, the NPP interestingly has nothing worth listening to apart from their traditional cacophony and cheap political propaganda.

How on earth can the NPP rely on "corruption and incompetence" as a message?. To me, the NPP is becoming a laughing stuck in African politics if they do not act swiftly to employ effective, reasonable and meaningful political strategy that can stand the test of time.

It is unfathomable how any meaningful political party in this 21st century can adopt acrimony, fabrication, blatant lies, tribal bigotry, politics of insults and personality attacks as a political strategy to win power. Such political strategy if it is, is barbaric and belongs to those days probably in the 60s where they ended up throwing dust into the eyes of innocent citizenry.

The most surprising though painful situation is that the internal politics of the NPP is equally characterized by such uncharitable, barbaric and diabolical orchestrations. No wonder even constitutionally elected leaders of the party are suspended on daily basis by some faceless but selfish individuals who want to create a dynasty in the party by their actions and inactions.

This is unfortunate for a party which suppose to be a very responsible largest opposition party.

It would take a magic for any party in Ghana to win any elections without a well constituted national leadership.

I think the NPP must admit that it has collapsed totally and needs total rejuvenation and reformation and stop its childish self-deception as if it is any meaningful political party in its current state.

The wild frightening elephant is simply dead prematurely. It can only resurrect if Nana Akuffo Addo turns into a prophet but not a prophet who can turn into any animal to cause harm(hahaha.....) That is just impossible.

Notwithstanding, the likes of CPP, PNC, PPP among others may do better than the NPP in the impending November polls.

Satisfactorily, the NDC government continue to leave unprecedented mark in the political history of Ghana under the leadership of His Excellency John Dramani Mahama.

For a political party like NPP which continue to stage political drama in the media to dream of unseating a government of impeccable performance only amount to a serious joke.

The fact is that Ghanaians cannot experiment the noise making NPP to draw us back.

The future of the nation is secured in the hands of the NDC government. I cannot afford to be economical with the truth. You can never eat your cake and have it.

Shall return...