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Opinions of Saturday, 29 September 2012

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

NPP is Desperate for Power - Pratt

Honourable Kwesi Pratt of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and the Insight Newspaper accuses the New Patriotic Party (NPP) of desperately wanting to be in power. The self-styled Social Critic, a typical human butterfly avid of sucking all the flower nectars (maximising his chances of amassing wealth at the expense of the Ghanaian taxpayers), has the guts to accuse the NPP of sheer desperation.

I always love to make fools look more foolish by referring them their previous uttered contradictory statements or actions. Kwesi Pratt was at the forefront leading demonstrations upon demonstrations, shouting his voice hoarse, vituperatively accusing former President Kufuor of corruption, malfeasances and whatever nonsense that flashed or crossed his mind.

When former President Kufuor's son took a Bank loan, teamed up with interested business partners and Banks to purchase a Hotel, with the intention to run a profitable business venture, Kwesi Pratt was off his nuts. He accused President Kufuor of buying the hotel himself but using his son for a cover. He also accused him of using his powers and directions to facilitate his son's acquisition of the loan in the event of the son really being the owner of the hotel.

Kwesi Pratt was again vociferous, mudslinging President Kufuor for having given birth to twins in the USA. His voice was always the loudest in public discussions of the alleged extra marital affairs involving President Kufuor and the unknown American woman. That concocted story became the morning, the afternoon, and the evening, chewing stick for the NDC and their sycophantic hoodlums.

Now, President Mahama's brother, Ibrahim Mahama, is living in opulence in the midst of gargantuan Bank debt engulfing him. Ibrahim Mahama owes Merchant Bank GHC57.2 Million that he is unable to pay yet he flies around in his own private jet. His brother, President Dramani Mahama, has forced the debt on the Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT). SSNIT will use the poor taxpayers' money to retire Ibrahim Mahama's bad debt while he continues to enjoy the life of affluence. What nonsense is this, Kwesi Pratt should answer me.

When sympathisers of NPP talk about President Mahama's womanizing, Kwesi Pratt descends heavily on them like a tonne of concrete or a bulldozer, crushing a housefly. He chastises them saying, "talk about issues but not his private life". Private matters have nothing to do with politics". When discerning Ghanaians question why SSNIT should pay off Ibrahim Mahama's debt, same loud-mouth or mouthy Kwesi Pratt asks Ghanaians not to mingle politics with private business affair". I wonder from which planet Kwesi Pratt descended onto Ghana. Whenever a member of the NDC is committing a crime, he will always rally behind the person, boldly defending them as if he is an authority over everything in Ghana. Let a member of the opposition parties, especially the NPP commit same crime. You will see Mr. "Gold-tooth" Kwesi Pratt comes out to mudsling the person accusing them of all the nonsense he can think of.

Yes, the NPP must be desperate to redeem Ghana from the clutches of the lawless, aimless, corruptible and mediocre NDC government and party. Sensible Ghanaians cannot afford any four-year second term of the directionless NDC with "can't do" attitudes but of an overabundance corruption. Yes, the NPP and all discerning Ghanaians cannot sit on the fence while the NDC government Ministers, e.g. Okudzeto Ablakwah, Barton-Odro, Alex Segbefia and Betty Mould-Iddrisu, connive with fraudsters to swindle Ghana out of money through the infamous judgment debt payments.

Yes, the NPP are desperate for power to rid Ghana of ingrained NDC corruption on which Kwesi Pratt feeds voraciously to cater for his daughter's university education in the United Kingdom (UK). Yes, the NPP must be desperate for power to stop government money being paid to people like Kwesi Pratt who moves from one radio station to another on daily basis throwing dust into people's eyes. Yes, the NPP must be desperate for power to introduce and implement policies that will alleviate the poverty and suffering of Ghanaians.

The desperation for power by the NPP is for the general good of Ghanaians. It is only a worry to the current NDC people who are embezzling funds with both hands in an unprecedented manner. Any sensible person, I repeat, any sensible person, will agree with me that Ghanaians must boot the NDC out of office. Ghana's economy can no longer carry the obnoxious gargantuan NDC thievery.

Honourable "Gold-tooth" Kwesi Pratt can rant and rave as much and as far as his strength and health can carry him, the NPP will continue to be desperate for power. Kwesi Pratt is a damn hypocrite, a human leech that feeds on the ignorance of the majority of Ghanaians to make his great wealth. What else can explain his motive behind jumping from one radio station to another absurdly defending the NDC in the face of their publicly revealed unprecedented corruption and lawlessness? I hate the stupidity in display by Kwesi Pratt but not his person.

Join me to get it off our chest by condemning Kwesi Pratt for his hypocritical shortsighted stance on political issues. His views are biased and pregnant with mischief toward the NPP and discerning Ghanaians.


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