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Opinions of Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Columnist: Kusi, Duncan

NPP executives and supporters should stand firm

The death of Al haji Adams Mahama is carrying a strong message to NPP that there are some people in the party who have been paid by outsiders to disintegrate the party so that it cannot win 2016 elections.

NPP is a democratic party which respects the rule of law but just recently some elements within the party are trying to cause mayhem so that their agenda for 2020 would work.

Those people who have been influenced by outsiders to distrupt the party's attention should know that they do not harm the party alone but the entire nation.

Ghanaians have been suffering in the hands of P/NDC government under the watch of former President Rawlings till today.

NPP and Ghanaians should remember that many people were killed when they were demonstrating against economic hardships during the tenure of Rawlings, but finally, the power slipped from his hands.

Although we do not need to sacrifice ones life for freedom, those in power always take advantage of that in order to silence the whole nation through fear and panic.

Alhaji Mahama's blood would not be in vain and it is my prayer that all those who were involved in his death would receive their rewards for every Ghanaian to see and remember what they did to that innocent blood.

There is strong indication that NPP is going to win the coming election because of the innocent Moslem some elements have killed. Alhaji Mahama's blood would be upon their heads forever and ever and they would suffer before they die.