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Opinions of Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

NPP big boys please wake up from your Slumber!

I have been compelled by a conversation I overheard two Ghanaians hold on a bus this morning, Monday 15 October 2012, to publish this write-up. I was not interested in the details of their conversation but a succinctly remark they mutually made caught my attention. They said between themselves, it is about time former President Kufuor stopped his numerous foreign trips or assignments to stay home to help Nana Akuffo-Addo win this election. I perfectly agree with the two Ghanaians unknown to me.

This is a critical time that all hands must be on deck to rescue Ghana from the avaricious NDC vultures. Wherever and whenever you smell gargantuan corruption, you find NDC evil dwarfs or babies with razor-sharp teeth about. They will be doing what they are best at, thus, conniving to slap dubiously arranged gargantuan judgment debt payment on Mother Ghana.

We can save Ghana from plunging further into the economic abyss if and only if, all discerning and well-meaning Ghanaians including the NPP bigwigs will join hands to hit the ground in massive campaigns for Nana Dankwah Akuffo-Addo. The only way to rout the NDC in the upcoming December 7, 2012 election is by all sensible Ghanaians going to all nooks and crannies to secure Nana Akuffo-Addo and the NPP every possible vote. Every single vote counts so please knock on the doors of your neighbours for their votes.

I have been wondering for sometime where Professor Frimpong Boateng has been. I have not heard about his active involvement in the ongoing hectic and exhausting electioneering campaign to chase out the greedy bastards from power - courtesy to former President J.J. Rawlings. Where are Alan "Cash" Kyeremateng and Sekou Nkrumah? I expect to join them on the ground tirelessly campaigning for Nana Dankwah Akuffo-Addo and the NPP. I cannot stand the stench of the NDC corruption any further. It is choking me to death.?

I entreat all NPP faithful including the bigwigs, former President Kufuor, Dr. Addo Kufuor and all the once seventeen NPP presidential contestants to come out to support the cause of Nana Addo and the NPP.

There should not be any complacency on the part of any NPP member, activist or sympathizer. We should not sit on our backside thinking we have already won the election. We do not win an election so close to call like the impending one on a silver platter. It needs a lot of hard work to win such an election. It demands proper and serious practical work. We should not sleep on the oars until the ship has completely berthed or anchored. Until we have won the elections and formed a government, I advise you not to have any nap.

I extend my affectionate greetings to the people of Asiampa. I will help put Asiampa back on the map, the Merciful God willing.

Nanaana, Nana Sure! Nana Dankwah "Obuggie" Akuffo-Addo all the Way to Jubilee House as the President of Ghana come January 2012. Free SHS education all the way for our children and my people at Asiampa. While we do cocoa farming, our children will be educated to become highly responsible persons in society in future.

Once more, I plead with you all to vote Nana Akuffo-Addo and the NPP. I will be campaigning with friends in Agona Swedru West Constituency to ensure both Nana Addo and the MP garner more winning votes?to form the next government. I will be assisting "Iron lady" Ursula Owusu, Accra and Mr. Basoah, Kumawu. He who cares should join hands with Rockson Adofo, that fearless Son of Kumawu to campaign for Nana Addo Dankwah Akuffo-Addo alias "Obuggie"

Rockson Adofo