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Opinions of Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

NPP always Cries Foul whenever they Lose Elections

NPP as a group of people forming a political party is noted for crying foul whenever they lose elections, an expressed view by many an NDC apologist. Why would the NPP not cry foul if indeed, the NDC has it as a deplorably malicious habit and policy to rig elections in their favour almost all of the time?

I really think almost all the NDC activists, faithful and sympathisers have a problem with rational thinking. They appear intellectually deficient and are without practical wisdom when it comes to political, electoral and intellectual discourses. Fairness, justice and truthfulness are anathema to almost anyone belonging in the completely lawless NDC family. This is my personal observation so far made about the NDC.

Let me take them to the cleaners before giving them tutorials on what fairness entails and why NPP always opposes election results if indeed, they do as opined by the NDC. When an incumbent political party empties totally the coffers of the nation, uses the money to finance their electioneering campaign, is it fair on the rival parties that have no access to the State coffers? When same party in power uses the taxpayers' money to mount utterly sordid campaign, bastardising otherwise important, farsighted and thought-through socio-economic policy, all because of "skin pain" ("aho3yea"), is it an act of fairness? When after dubiously and insanely disbursing the nation's money among those belonging in NDC, then you turn round to put up the prices of petrol, utility bills, etc. to affect all and sundry, is it fairness?

Let me proceed to tutor the NDC. Is it not for a bad reason though very unfortunately unknown to most Ghanaians that Tony Aidoo was able to silence former President J. J. Rawlings somewhere in December 2012? When Rawlings agreed with Nana Akuffo-Addo on Nana petitioning the Supreme Court about the alleged electoral irregularities and fraud committed by Dr. Afari-Gyan in favour of John Dramani Mahama, Tony was incensed. He threatened to expose Rawlings' past if he continued to encourage the NPP to take the case to court as it was then the official opinion of NPP. Did that ugly Allotey Jacob not issue similar threats to Rawlings?

Following the threats of exposing Rawlings for some crimes he committed which only his bullies or blackmailers were privy to, I published an article titled, "Why is the NDC Gagging J. J. Rawlings" on Ghanaweb, and on Friday, 28 December 2012. My readers can read it from the archives of the mentioned websites or simply click on my name above to take you to all my previously published articles to enable you read the mentioned article.

Moreover, is it any wonder therefore that President Mahama was unable to agree on very simple requirements when the Supreme Court directed the litigating parties to sort out the memorandum of issues that would be set for the main trial?

Like the woman who stole her rival's baby while they were both asleep, so is John Dramani Mahama. That disturbing issue was wisely resolved by biblical King Solomon when it was conveyed to his attention.

I will refer all NDC faithful and apologists to a publication on Ghanaweb on Wednesday 20 March 2013 under General News titled, "Parties in deadlock over election Petition". Is Mahama not playing that silly woman who insisted on King Solomon cutting up the baby into two halves, to give each woman a half? Do you not see the camp of Nana Akuffo-Addo playing the true mother of the baby who said no, please give the live child to the other woman instead of killing it? In the end, King Solomon in his wisdom determined or established who the real mum of the baby was. It was the one who advised the King not to kill the baby.

Mahama has refused to comply with basic intelligent requirements that will let every observer tell at a glance or from a distance who actually is winning the court case based on evidential facts. What has him and the NDC to hide? We very much know the story of the dead baby and the live one and how King Solomon cleverly resolved the enigma. Concluding from the opposition raised by John Dramani Mahama, he did actually rig the election. He is now afraid of his own shadow. The wise ones in Ghana, except the NDC activists, know what is already in the offing.

Why will the NPP not cry foul when by your own disgusting attitudes and body language, discerning Ghanaians can conclude that you always rig elections in your favour? Either you using macho men to steal election boxes, terrorising voters or you using "Yaw Boateng Gyan" police to intimidate and rob people. Either you are employing Israeli company to massage election results in your favour or you are arranging to get people to sign then unsigned Polling Statements (pink sheets). Either you are stealing election-information-contained laptops and pen drives or you are stealing biometric verification machines.

The few stated facts above are the character and identification of the ignominious "Ebe dii bi Keke" NDC. Why is President Mahama unable to find his geo-socio-politico-economic bearings at the presidency? Uneasy lies the head that steals winning election results.

All those writing nonsense about NPP crying whenever they lose elections are all proven crooks, who either deliberately or unintentionally refuse to exercise their gumption. Do the NDC really think Ghanaians in their wisdom; suffering and expectations did vote massively for the NDC, as knowingly Corrupt, Lawless, Incompetent, Mediocre and Bastardised (CLIMB) as they are?

I am really tired with heavy eyes so I will end up my writing here. I wish all fellow discerning Ghanaians and all sensible NPP faithful a good luck. They must RESOLUTELY support the cause of seeking JUSTICE for Ghanaians as embarked on by Nana Akuffo-Addo, Dr. Bawumia and Jake Otanka Obetsebi-Lamptey. Do not forget Kofi Basoah's dream and the solution prescribed by GOD. Be Resolute!

Over to you, Joe Lartey, Oh DJ Sources of Sources radio UK Fm 96.3. Could you please play for me the following songs?

1. Equal rights and Justice

2.Nana Addo Dankwah Afei na aduru no so

3. We are Moving Forward….. (1 & 2 - Nana's campaign songs)

4. 3ponk3 ab3 dam a ne wura no de 3mm3dam bi"

Rockson Adofo