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Opinions of Thursday, 14 August 2008

Columnist: Kusi, Duncan

NPP Victory is near

Despite criticisms and uncertainties surrounding NPP government performances, they still stand the chance to win the December 2008, elections.

Research has shown that majority of Ghanaians continue to trust the NPP government, because when they compare and contrast the performances of P/NDC and NPP, they are still the best.

The following analysis confirm some of the performances of the NPP government.

Many SSS graduates have been employed since NPP government came to power. All those graduates were in the country without jobs. Some of them are police officers, army, teaching assistants, community police, fire service, nursing assistants, ward assistants and many more.

During the time of P/NDC all those graduates were roaming about without jobs .Before it was not easy to join any of the above named outfits but they were recruiting people.

METRO Transportation system has also offered jobs to five thousand Ghanaians after the collapse of Omnibus service authority (OSA) during the time of P/NDC tenure of office.

The National Health Insurance system has abolished the barbaric cash and carry system. It has also created jobs and given hope to all Ghanaians because, infants mortality rate has reduced.

In another development, statistics also show that more than six hundred thousand youths have been employed since the NPP government came to power. All of them were SSS graduates who came out during the time of P/NDC , and they are going to vote massively for NPP to continue with their good works.

From this analysis, I can even predict the results to be 54.2% for NPP and 41.3% for P/NDC.

The so called protocol lists for secondary schools admissions have been replaced with computer selections.

One above all is the open communication climate that has been created for journalism. People feel safe to express their feelings without fear as compare to P/NDC era when shit bombs were blasted at the journalists door steps.

We still remember the machomen who were beating people any how, so we do not welcome that again.

Do not take any opinion polls which would be conducted by the NCCE as a serious survey. It is a political propaganda to frustrate NPP supporters because, NCCE was formed in the time of P/NDC.

I know many of them, those from my district, all of them were P/NDCs and it is likely that throughout the whole country, they are the same people working in the NCCE offices, because those days only the P/NDCs were considered to work there. It is just a scam.

I hope, some of our readers would bear with me and others would also rain insults on me. That would not deter me from writing. The only thing that can deter me from writing is my time. I have little time to go through or edit my writings due to the nature of my job, but as a patriotic Ghanaian I am taking this opportunity to apologise to all those who have been reading my articles.

I can not take my job as an excuse because there is no justification about that but I would try to improve performance and devote time for editing since that is my shortfall.

God bless our homeland Ghana, Amen.

duncan kusi