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Opinions of Saturday, 21 March 2009

Columnist: Akamani, Prince

NPP Unite or find a neutral leader

There is no doubt that NPP is in shambles, either we accept it or deny it and live in a dreamland as bunch of fools with no heads.

The problems facing NPP is not just the Old Tradition of the Ashantis and the Akyems, but in reality, it is a compounded of many problems.

We're a party that do not change from the old ideas to new. We need to change into the 21st century but instead still holding on to the old Master, Servant and the slave mentality. Even the Republican Party in United States has changed.They have Mr. Steel, a black man as the head of the Republican Party. Obama as President of the United States Of America? This is unthinkable, amazingly to really see a black man as head of this " Grand Ole Party and black man as President of U.S.A. NPP should change to grow.

We're tired of this separation in the NPP party. Lead or get out of the way for somebody who is capable to lead the Party and the Nation into UNITY. Honestly, we're tired of the internal strangling and the separations. We need great men to step forward to lead than these greedy wimps leading us to nowhere.

NPP is finding herself in a situation where change is difficult to come. I am not interested in trashing my Party, but this is something we need to talk about,resolve and settle. We need to open up to more changes and train some of our young Professional youth in the Party. This party of the educated goons need to stop showing these old faces as if they 're the only ones destined to be presidents. The questions are these: How do we become a better and United Party? What do we do to win the hearts of the Ghanaians?


- WE need to train some of the young people/ the youth in the Party into management roles/positions. - WE need to re-group as one Party, galvanize, energetically stimulate and motivate the public with popular message. - WE need to eradicate and oust the rogue rabble rouser chairman Peter Manu, and the good for nothing NPP National Executives. - WE need to engineer, educate and implement new policies of selecting our leaders. - WE need the ex-President Kufour and Nana Akufo Addo to stay as a party elders, statesman, and to lead the party instead of dividing the party. - WE need to stop acting as if we're INTELLECTUALS AND UPPER CLASS party and bring everybody and the poor in the party. - WE need to stop acting as party of the ASHANTIS AND the AKYEMS and respect every Ghanaian in the NPP. - WE need to encourage more WOMEN, NORTHERNERS and VOLTARIANS to the upper positions including Presidential level. - WE need to find new platform, new goals and concentrating on the common people.


Right now, NPP is seen as a party of the crooked leaders, greedy, and rogues stealing public assets. Ghanaians saw the greediness and the selfishness of the former President Kufour. They decided not to give the presidency to an Ashanti or any Akyem person to continue the abuse for the next four years. I believe in order for NPP to win the hearts of the Ghanaians back into NPP , we need to do the following:

- We need to preach, care, provide simple social and essential amenities for the poor and the youth.

- Such as employment, Job trainings, affordable housing and free good education.

- We need to get rid of the male chauvinism and the tribalism in the party.

- Ghanaians believe NPP is a drug infested Party and we need to change that image.

- Kufour did not endorse his vice President made Ghanaians believed that NPP is a party for the Akans only.

- It was obvious that the party did not want a Northerner in the upper level positions. We need to change this image and to remember what Dombo did for the Party.

- Again, NPP needs to respect the poor and every Ghanaians citizens. - NPP needs to get rid of the Ashanti and the Akyem mentality.

If we can't or can make these changes then, we need a new neutral party leader like Dr. Kwabena Frimpong-Boateng to lead the party. We need a God fearing person, care for the poor, modern person, a technocrat, an industrialist, an excellent administrator, a uniter, and a good micro economist by experience to lead the party. Did you know this guy Boateng was manufacturing his own bio-fuel during the flag bearer's campaign? This is the man we need for Ghana and Africa in general to help the youth and the poor. Ghana should not refuse a person like this to lead the country. Nana Akufo Addo and Alan K.are excellent choices but we cannot use anyone of them at this moment, due to the rlvalry between them. We need somebody who can heal the party and the nation from the on going tribalism and tension within the country.Ghana is a beautiful country and we need to save our culture and heritage.

Prince Akamani