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Opinions of Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Columnist: Amponsah, Jerry

NPP-USA Gives Award to President Mills – A Rejoinder

THE NPP – New York’s attention has been drawn to a rejoinder by the NDC-USA over
NPP - US’ article about the naïve conduct of the president of Ghana, Professor
Atta Mills.
We strongly and relentlessly stand by NPP-USA’s initial article.
Ghana’s president, Professor Atta Mills is doing all things possible to polish
up his personal image and self-aggrandizement at the expense of the country at
large. The NDC government in an effort to enrich its political image and gain
political points did so well to leak sensitive, confidential and crucial
information to the Wikileaks Organization.
Paragraph 4 of the NDC-USA’s rejoinder spells out clearly the ‘ultimate’
political points President Atta Mills – led government sought to achieve in
office; “Ghana’s President Leads Fight Against Narcotic.” It further went on to
state reports about ex-President J.A. Kufour’s administration titled, “GoG Not
Doing Enough to Combat Narcotics.” Interesting comparison cables leaked to the
The cables, which were sent on February 16th 2010, indicated that President Atta
Mills held a meeting with US Assistant Secretary of State, Johnnie Carson,
accompanied by the Ambassador, Donald Teittelbaum, Special Assistant Cook and
Econof on February 3rd 2010. The leaked cables from the whistle-blowing website,
Wikileaks, reveals that President Atta Mills in a fever-pitch confided in the US
officials above that some oil companies trooped to the Osu Castle, the seat of
government, and attempted to bribe him with a juicy package and influence him.
He further went on to appeal to the US authorities to install equipment in the
presidential lounge (VVIP) at the Kotoka International Airport to screen his
entourage for narcotic drugs when leaving the country. This revelation tells the
world that there are drug dealers in his administration who keep churning out
deadly products. “President Atta Mills wants his officials to be checked in the
privacy or his suit to avoid any surprises if they are caught carrying drugs. He
went on to tell the US officials that, elements of his government are already
compromised and that officials at the airport tipped off drug traffickers about
the operations there. He complained bitterly about mistrust in his own entourage
who might be peddling the narcotic drugs,” the cables released on December 14,
2010 read.
Unfortunately, the commander-in-chief and the law professor declined cleverly to
disclose names. The above revelation clearly shows how the president is pressing
hard to enhance his flower bouquet presidency with half-baked “ananse” stories.
President Atta Mills was extremely economical with the whole truth and failed to
mention those oil companies that embarked on such illegal attempts.
Silence means Consent!
Our president vehemently claims to be a man of himself and being in charge of
affairs. On this premise, we humbly urge our commander-in-chief to vomit the
names which still remain mute. Or did he cleverly say so to modify the image of
his presidency and his political image?
The past NPP government trailed and jailed Kwabena “Tagor” Amaning and Alhaji
Issah Abass through a court of competent jurisdiction. The duo has been secretly
released by the incumbent government led by President Atta Mills.
Within half term in office, the president has awfully failed on the subject of
incorruptibility. Among many cases, in his first year in office, his just
cleared Presidential Aide and once defunct, Stan Xoese Dogbe, who apparently
couldn’t account for 169, 000 Ghana cedis on hampers for few selected
journalists, but still walking as a free man. Many thanks to Effia Kwesimintsim
MP, Joe Baidoe Ansah; he did so well to fish out for the truth. If not the smart
effort of the legislature, three more people appointed by the president would
not have been made officially known to the parliament. These are the
Presidential Advisor, Professor Francis Dodoo, Presidential Staffer, and Mathias
Akotia, who heads the Brand Ghana Office, and Office Administrator, Helen Annan.
Their names omission was well blamed on human error. Who was that human? This
and many more amounts to bloated, cash-strapped government we have today.
The Minister of Youth and Sports, Akua Sena Densua, could not render proper
accounts on the expenditure for the 2010 South Africa World Cup. In that same
tournament, Kojo Bonsu, Chairman of the National Sports Council and close
personality to the seat of government, it was alleged that his son profited up
to the tune of $500, 000 within few weeks as a liaison to the government of
Ghana. The former Minister of Youth and Sports and MP for Asawase Constituency
pampers issue are on the nation’s kids lips. Nothing has been done by the
angelic and self-claim corrupt free president. The rate of corruption under
President Mills’ government is quite alarming. The absolute confidence placed in
our president by the good people of the country seems to be misguided at best,
irresponsible at worst.
Interestingly, President Atta Mills proclaims he’s the only horse we can ride
into a corrupt free and drug free country, but has names up his sleeves to hide.
We challenge him to fall on his sword. The reality of his presidency as we have
come to know, corruption and drug trade still exist in his administration. To
the astonishment of the good people of Ghana, the transparent and incorruptible
president is still tight-lipped over the names he knows very well. Does he speak
from both sides of his mouth? The president has not been fair to the people he
His self-appraisal sends strong signal that the people serving in his
administration condone to drug trade and corruption. But he’s the only one that
stands out of the lot. He has cherry-picked himself within his own

Jerry Amponsah (Sabbato)
Communications’ Group
NPP – New York