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Opinions of Friday, 27 June 2014


NPP Troubles: Why all this?

UP/NPP arguably has been and is believed to be the most respected and decorated political movement in Ghana and beyond. It is believed that it has the men, not only men, but tried and tested self-made, enterprising young ones who always challenge the status quo to fend for their lives.

It has been proven and tested, no wonder only ten & half years of been in government, the fortunes of Ghana was rewritten to be counted among the big nations. Indeed, the major breakthrough, apart from the era of CPP, can be ascribed to UP/NPP’s stock of just ten & half years in government.

Now, why should such a party continue to eat its eggs, yet expect to count its hens at the end? There is so much overbearing ego, unforgiving spirit, and largely pessimistic evolution, too known vituperations and myopictic tendencies which sadly, have caused the country her current misfortunes.

This kind of institutional behavior can only end us in despair, no wonder from the birth of Ghana, we have had only a glass full of political administration, and experienced more than four decades in opposition and always become a laughing stock of the so-called non performers’, non-achievers, school drop outs and disorganized political groupings. Yet they know what it takes to close their ranks to win power, the very essence of politics.

There is hopelessness, despondencies, loss of focus on the part of the handlers of our country’s affairs, yet the NPP seem to be not ready to just have the interest of all at hand. Contrarily, they are working tactically towards the aspiration to get us back in government to fix the country’ problems; even the ruling governing party knows this fact.

I am inclined to believe that, NPP my beloved party is gradually becoming faced out, unattractive, uncaring, unsympathetic to the suffering of the country’s deplorable state of affairs, and this can be attributed to enemy of progress syndrome blindness, to say the least.

If we pride ourselves to have the best brain, yet we can’t use these same brains, to solve that which is necessary, then where lies, the brains? This party must get serious for once, because it can’t be business as usual, to just behave like the pampered babe, and continue to work amiss and expect any serious turn out?

I don’t know any political party which is formed and have no intentions to winning power? The power play is gradually, becoming uglier by the day, making critical minds question the real intentions of the party. Now, where exactly is this party heading towards?

What is the interest of NPP?

What is the mission of NPP? What is the vision of NPP?

What informed the formation of NPP? To whom does the interest serve?

Who is behind the interest? Is the interest alive?

Who are those killing the interest?

How can the interest be activated?

Is NPP still relevant?

Any party, that cannot read between a want and a need at a strategically point of view is seriously sick and out of touch to their relevance in history.

Once upon a time, CPP was a very dominant party and had a superman as the leader, three decades down the line, the story is different, now they are almost becoming irrelevant and losing space in the Ghanaian political environment.

So can’t we be guided by the institutional history; and take introspection on the happening to CPP? Why are we sacrificing our collective interest on individualistic ambitions/agenda and egos?

The party’s loyal support base is behaving as though the party has no interest, but their individual godfather’s interest is paramount to them than that of the party they professes to die for. People who are believed to know better are doing the opposite, giving way for the masses to also behave in a manner that inspires no hope for tomorrow; pushing and crying for branches rather than crying for the TREE itself?

It’s not lost yet, we can still learn fast. Let’s cool our heads and persevere and see the bigger picture than the use of unguarded statements and vituperations advanced on unscientific analysis. If put to critical scrutiny you will learn that any serious entity ready to soar just like Republicans did in 2010 must think straight.

Knowledge is great, but overbearing tendencies, diversion from collective interest, egoistic attitudes, unforgiving spirit, and pessimism could spell doom even with heaps of knowledge.

Where lies our party loyalty? Is it to person’s mission or the whole of the Tree?

Are we giving in to yet another, cool chop to the non-performers due to the unyielding desires to be president even when we deeply feel not possible? Let’s give this a thought.


Eyes are watching; observers are worried………………