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Opinions of Saturday, 3 March 2012

Columnist: Koudjoe, Francis

NPP Sammy Awuku Should Wake Up And Stop The ‘Kelewele’ Politics

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If the Deputy Communications Director of the NPP, Sammy Awuku has nothing to say on radio, he should not be allowed by the host of that radio station. What sense does it make to come on radio and say that, the nationwide blackout was a ploy by the NDC to rig the forthcoming election? How shallow minded can one be to make such allegation to score cheap political points. If the NPP don’t have anything tangible to tell Ghanaians, they should keep their gobs shut and stop throwing dust into the eyes of Ghanaians by playing “Kelewele” politics.
I just don’t get it. Blackout and Election. What has blackout got to do with election 2012? What a shallow analysis by Sammy Awuku? Was there no nationwide blackout when the NPP was in power? These NPP guys are very funny. Are they trying to tell us that, they are the only party in opposition? Why are they making so much noise? I have already said in one of my articles that, desperation is a silent killer, and I am very optimistic that, some of the NPP members will die out of desperation after Dec. 7, 2012. Well, I don’t think they will be bothered anyway, because of their slogan, “All die be die”. So whatever means through which they die is their own cup of tea.
The NPP Deputy Communications Director, Sammy Awuku, also wondered why President Mills will go and buy a ball of kenkey in a presidential convoy. Ei Ei Ei Ei Sammy Awuku! Even Nana Akufo-Addo, who is not the president, moves in convoy. When he is going to urinate on the wall of a mosque, he goes in a convoy? When he is going to shit, there is a convoy? Sammy Awuku wants the number one gentleman of the nation to walk alone and buy kenkey. Sammy, where is your sense of security? The NPP were drumming all over the place that, a ball of kenkey is now 1gh cedi. So the President, out of curiosity, decided to ascertain for himself the true price of a ball of kenkey. Lo and behold, the price was 50 pesewas. Shame on NPP.
This is the basic difference between the NPP and the NDC. The NPP make baseless, wild and untrue allegations against the NDC, unlike the NDC whose allegations against the NPP are true and comes with proof. One thing the NPP should know by now is that, lies don’t win elections these days because people are wide awake and can see things going on around them. Even those in the remote villages can see the development going on their communities. Therefore, coming out with lies to tarnish the image of the ruling NDC government will not work for the NPP. NDC will retain power whether blackout or no blackout.


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