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Opinions of Saturday, 23 May 2015

Columnist: Sarpong, Justice

NPP Party's Chairman Murder, Afoko And Agyapong Should Resign

The acidic bath murder of the Npp Chairman of the Upper East Region, Adams Mahamah on Thursday, May 21st came as a shock to many Ghanaians, especially those of us in the Elephant family and our deepest condolences go to the family of this selfless man who financially, morally and courageously served the party he loved and ultimately paid with his life.

Ghanaians of all walk of life have shown how much we care for each other and even our political rivals, Ndc and its members at least for now have restrained themselves in making political capital out of this heinous crime and have shown their sorrow for the passing away of this man. This murder should be treated as a crime against humanity and not as a inter party internal wrangling. The murderers of this man should be arrested and prosecuted regardless of who they may be.

I am highly disappointed with the leadership of Npp who have nurtured the festering factions in the party that has led to the death of Mr. Adams Mahamah instead of our leaders coming together and solving whatever problems between the Alan Kyerematteng and Nana Akuffo Addo's factions after our Presidential candidate was elected.Two people,including the younger brother of the New Patriotic Party's national chairman, Paul Afoko has been fingered as one of the two assailants who poured acid on the Upper East Regional chairman of the party leading to his death.Before he was murdered, Mr Adams Mahama has had a feud with the National Party Chairman, Mr Paul Afoko for ostensibly disrespecting him Mr Mahama for not informing him when he Mr Afoko and Kwabena Agyapong visited Upper East Region for party business. When we all thought the problem has been solved, we woke up Thursday morning to hear about this heinous crime perpetrated on another human being all because of power, does it even worth it?

The implication of Mr Afoko's brother, Gregory Afoko as one of the two assailants rankled party supporters who have massed at the Part headquarters baiting for the blood of Mr Afoko and the Party General Secretary who are perceived as Alan Kyerematteng supporters and supposedly impeding the efforts to get Nana Akuffo Addo elected.

In my humble opinion and if the two individuals, Chairman Afoko and Secretary love the Npp, they should resign their positions in the party so that party will have peace and and save them the little respect they still have in the Party.As Wintson Churchill said; "To jaw jaw is always better than war war" and as a party, we need to solve our internal problems peacefully by talking it out instead of resorting to acids to evaporate human beings.

Ghana needs peace and we need to give Ghanaians hope that Npp can steer the affairs of this country if power is given to us but our behavior so far have given Ghanaians no confidence that we are ready to assume power which we need to change immediately, not soon.Once again, Mr Afoko and Mr Kwabena Agyapong should relinquish their stranglehold of the Party headquarters and their positions for peace to return to our beloved party.

Justice Sarpong

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