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NPP Must Allow Only Females To Contest Seats Occupied By NDC Female MPs
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Opinions of Sunday, 29 March 2015

Columnist: Ghana Politico

NPP Must Allow Only Females To Contest Seats Occupied By NDC Female MPs

Source: Ghana Politico
The New Patriotic Party (NPP)’s affirmative action has attracted mixed feelings with a greater number of party members and followers condemning it while a minority group is hailing it as the best for making more women to get involved in the democratic dispensation in the country.
The number of NPP female parliamentarians is sixteen in the current parliament, so with the affirmative action fiat by the party’s National Executive Committee (NEC), the NPP is almost sure to maintain that number of females in the next parliament.
However, one may ask, is this order the best for the fortunes of NPP in the December 2016 general elections?
Ghana Politico thinks the affirmative action order by the NEC is not the best. The reasons given for the order is obviously not going to help the NPP.
If the NPP really wants to give more women the chance to enter parliament as they are claiming, then Ghana Politico thinks the NEC’s order must be extended to all seats being occupied by the National Democratic Convention (NDC) female parliamentarians.
Currently, there are fourteen NDC female parliamentarians in the august house. So in order to get more females in Parliament, why is the NPP is not ordering that no male should be allowed to contest any seat being occupied by NDC female parliamentarians?
If they believe that is the best action, then they should allow only females to contest seats being occupied by female NDC MPs.
The NPP NEC must accept the fact they goofed with the affirmative action order.
NPP must rather encourage more women to get involved in party activities and be groomed to compete toe to toe against their male counterparts in any internal party and national elections.
With the kind of bashing they have received, there is the likelihood that the NPP NEC would put a reverse gear to the affirmative action.

By Ghana Politico

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