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Opinions of Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Columnist: Adu-Gyamfi. Kwaku

NPP Is In Disarray: NDC Is Laughing All The Way To The Polling Stations.

From: Voice of Reason.

Rastafuo aba kurom and there is no one home!
Na who cause am?

It’s said that the biggest wounds in life are usually self-inflicted.
So am I the only soul in Ghana who is so confused (and flabbergasted) by the latest wrestling match within the NPP ranks and their chances of winning any general election?

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting a little uneasy and woozy about their prospect of winning any major national election. Some people are busy giving credits to the so-called “NDC’s juju men” for the demise of NPP.

Yes, don’t laugh, it’s a gospel truth. The Ghanaian style— when things don’t go down well in life for you apportion and franchise the blame game—it works all the time. Why take responsibility of your actions if you can blame someone else?
Wait a minute! I see a hand raised back there:
Yes, what is your question?
“Are you an NDC man?”
Nope, I’m not any party’s flag-waver. I belong to the party that takes care of the welfare of Mother Ghana. And, do you have any problem with that? You don’t want the truth huh? Why do you have problem with me when I’m telling you the truth so you will stop making excuses for your party and stop wondering why your party is not doing well in the national opinion poll as it suppose to? I believe people want to be told the truth, but the truth isn’t pretty.
Where was I when I was rudely interrupted by that ‘foot- soldier’?
Anyway, as I was saying, this is the time for NPP to unite and strategize, but it’s using its time and energy to fight its own shadow .NPP has plenty of blockages because it’s not the party in power and the infighting is handicapping its effort to win any national election.
As if the bickering in the executive camp of the party is not enough Achilles’ heel. Now they have added Carlos Ahenkorah’s case to their repertoire. For those who have been vacationing in Afghanistan with the Talibans for the past ten months, Mr. Carlos Ahenkorah, is the NPP parliamentary candidate for Tema West, who has allegedly been sued by the supporters of the sitting Mp,Naa Torshie Addo ,for allegedly not being “Ga indigene”. I beg your pardon! I see tribalism or ethnicity gradually raising its ugly head right there. Are we now going to vote along tribal lines? This tribal or ethnic sentiment could resonate in this election year and that would boil over to derail the relatively peaceful and fragile democratic environment we enjoy and take for granted in this country.
To add insults to injuries, Asuma Banda, a former Council of State member for NPP was allegedly said, “Nana Akuffo Addo can never be president of Ghana….” Sayoo! What’s going on folks?
I don’t want to be the messenger of the doom day, but the prospect of winning any general election with that sort of luggage is very bleak. No one goes to the battlefield with one hand tighten on his back.
The Presidential election is around the corner, but the NPP is behaving as if it’s the party in power and therefore people are going to vote based on the party’s current achievements. Ghanaians have very short memories indeed so they don’t even remember what NPP’s previous achievements were.

So the NPP is going to keep on fighting while NDC is busy laughing all the way to the polling stations across the land with no sweat? Why is NPP sabotaging its own success and busy choreographing its own defeat? Who is advising the party and who is writing its obituary? Wake me up on the Election Day, please! I’m getting a headache and heartache from the entire episode.

Boys aba kurom, but we’re yet to see what they have.
Stay tuned!

Kwaku Adu-Gyamfi
*The author is a social commentator and the founder of Adu-gyamfi Youth Empowerment foundation for disadvantaged youth of Asuom.