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Opinions of Friday, 24 January 2014

Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement

NPP Is A Blood Soaked Tribal Group

NPP Is A Blood Soaked Tribal Group, Not A Political Party – Part 1.

It had been firmly established that Ghana’s first most bloody coup d’état that toppled Dr. Kwame Nkrumah‘s government on 24th February, 1966 was a fulfillment of Dr. K.A Busia’s pledge in 1956 when he lost the 3rd election to the CPP in which he said a CPP victory at the elections that year was an unmitigated disaster, on evil which the opposition would fight to the bitter end. As a former Young Pioneer Cadre, I support the view that this could not have been a self fulfilling prophecy at all, if the great CPP had not so carelessly organized itself for collapse by the multiplicity of self – destructive acts of commission and omission.

As far back as 1955 when Dr. Nkrumah lived in a rented house in Accra Newtown, an attempt was made on his life. The house was completely raised to the ground in an EXPLOSION planted by Ghana’s violent opposition members led by K.A Busia the tribal bigot.
A number of C.I.A defectors had clearly established that as early as 1958, a year after Ghana’s Independence in 1957, the American C.I.A had stepped into the picture of finding ways and means of overthrowing Nkrumah’s CPP government through a coup d’état. Mr. R.R. Amponsah and major Ahwaittey were arrested for plotting to overthrow Dr. Nkrumah’s government in 1958, and Dr. Nkrumah had to send the Preventive Detention Bill to Parliament which was passed into law and was known as the Preventive Detenntion Act (P.D.A)

This was done by Nkrumah to prevent the nation from being mangled at birth. You bring it on, NPP! Do you know one thing? When you expose the violence, bomb throwings, undemocratic acts and the mass killing of innocent men, women and children by persons from the Danquah / Busia tradition which the NPP represent today 2014. They can never deny it, so they always result to a series of unprintable insults on the writer. I don’t care, because my skin is as thick as a crocodile and nothing can penetrate it. The NPP can get lost or burn the sea because the evil that men do, lives after them. Therefore, the evil that Dr. Busia did, the evil that Dr. J.B. Danquah did, the evil that R.R. Amponsah and Joe Appiah did, the evil that Obetseby Lamptey and Baffour Akoto did will continue to live after them and I am writing about their sordid past without fear or favor.

Dr. J.B. Danquah was a C.I.A Agent on their pay roll, so when he was released from political detention in 1962 by Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, he went to the American Embassy to complain to the Ambassador that the funds his family had being receiving from the C.I.A during his detention, had been cut after his release. That means that the American Embassy was feeding Dr. J.B. Danquah’s family when he was in political detention at Nsawam. Let the so called NPP communicators deny this on the various T.V. studios and FM Radio studious and we all see.


In 1969, Dr. K.A. Busia was the ‘’elected ‘’ Prime Minister of Ghana and he supervised the killing of 69 people including the Ya-Naa, the Overlord of Dagbon – some few arrests were made and they were left off the hook as Mr. Victor Owusu the then Attorney General preferred wrong charges against them and all the suspects were acquitted and discharged for lack of evidence. President Kufuor was a deputy minister under Busia’s Progress Party government and he was understudying Busia’s murderous behavior and so 33 years later in March 2002, Mr. J.A. Kufuor became President of Ghana and also witnessed the killing of the second Ya-Naa Overlord of Dagbon and his 40 sub chiefs after 3 days of fighting at a time all telephone lines were disconnected. Truth be told, if these murders had taken place in any of the paramountcies down south, the NPP would have ceased to exist in that traditional area forever, Oh: Poor Northerners, when will they ever unite.
Today the NPP still has its numerous supporters in the North with parliamentary seats to match and I beg to ask. Do we (Northerners) respect our chiefs? Do we respect our tradition and culture at all? I doubt it? I am not the least surprised at all, as several Northerners from the 3 Northern Regions does not want to be described as Northerners down south and they include both men and women – they forget that a dead log in a river can never be described as a crocodile.

Northerners have belittled themselves to the extent becoming weaklings among the other tribes in Ghana just because of a dirty propaganda driven tribal politics spear headed by the violent prone NPP since 1992 to date 2014. Truth be told, if the brutal murder in broad day light of these two Great Dagbon Kings in 1969 and 2002 had taken place in any of the Regions down South, multiple Great Oaths would have been invoked amidst thousands of curses from the people in that Region and the NPP would have been BLACK LISTED forever in that Region, so why can’t the people of Dagbon show NPP a red card by black listing it completely throughout the Dagbon State in memory of the two Great Kings that were Slain during their time in government? As a Northerner, I am fully aware that Northerners are NOT THAT WEAK AT ALL. What I remember very well is that the British Colonial Governor used the North as a Cheap Labour Reserve Centre that supplied Cheap Labour to the South and denied us Education for a very long time, but that did not make us weak people.

Posterity will never forgive all those traditional rulers who were alive when the first Ya-Naa, Overlord of Dagbon and 69people were killed during Dr. Busia’s regime in 1969.

Again, Posterity will never forgive all the traditional rulers in the 3 Northern regions who refused to teach the violent prone tribal NPP a big lesson after the daylight murder of the second Ya-Naa when the NPP government led by J.A. Kufuor, the tall liar was in power. You see, the Presidency is NOT A THRONE YOU ASCEND. It is the PEOPLES SEAT and you do not get to it by birth as the NPP falsely believe. The task of governing is very awesome and complicated and it can not be a ONE MAN’S BUSINESS.

The late Aliu Mahama, an Abudu royal, got wind of that fight and airlifted his mother to Accra before the Ya-Naa was murdered. Here too, some suspects were rounded up and charged with the offence. Nana Akuffo Addo was the then Attorney General and he also preferred wrong charges against the suspects and they were all acquitted and discharged and yet here is a professional Rogue who wants to become President of Ghana at all cost, by passing through the back door, using the Supreme Court. Look at them! Is anybody listening? I shall return when the need arise. I am done ‘’Jaanbie Iwaii – Aluta Continua!