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Opinions of Friday, 4 February 2011

Columnist: Atubiga, Stephen

NPP Charlatans Graded – Part I

Fellow Ghanaians, ladies and gentlemen, after a serious on the ground survey by a team of experts in all the 10 regions of Ghana and abroad, this is the final historical ratings and grades for the NPP charlatans that Professor Atta Mills have to deal with.

Some of the top officials of NPP graded are Nana Akufo Addo, Allan Kyeremanteng, Fmr President Kufuor, Aliu Mahama, and Jake Obetsebi Lamptey.

The areas that were considered include their integrity, style of leadership, moral values, accountability, and trustworthiness.

This survey was conducted through random sampling of Ghanaians, both home and abroad. The names and telephone numbers of Ghanaians both home and abroad were collected, phone calls placed to a random sample of these Ghanaians and the questionnaire administered.

Below we have the outcome of this survey (we shall give you breakdown by different categories like, region, gender, tribe etc. later):


Integrity 46.8%: Main issues that worked in his favor included his refusal to accept the Government Lands that were shared among his NPP cronies including the Chief Justice Georgina Theodora wood.

Leadership style: The defeated NPP 2008 Presidential candidate and destined to be defeated 2012 candidate had 28.1%. The main issues raised against the former Foreign Minister included his inability and unwillingness to pursue the case of the 44 slayed Ghanaians in the Gambia. Some of participants went as far as saying they will never ‘sleep at night when Akufo Addo’ is elected president of Ghana.
Based on Moral Values he had 18.9%. A lot of the people polled were making reference to his allege relationship with Ursula Owusu, having different children with different wife’s, not coming out to defend himself with regards to illicit drug use among others

On accountability he scored 51.3%. Although he could not stop his colleague NPP folks from looting the State coffers during the Ghana @50 celebrations, at least there has not being anything linking him directly to this or any other looting of State coffers. Good one there!

On his trustworthiness as a leader he scored 25%. Most of the people polled were referring to his own party members saying that they cannot entrust leadership of Ghana into the hands of Nana Akufo Addo that is proud, arrogant and insensitive to the plight of Ghanaians.

Based on the views of the participants of the survey, President Kufour had 32.5%, with regards to his Integrity as a former President. The views of the people were that he didn't have the zeal and the will power to deal with his corrupt appointees due to the fact that he himself was even more corrupt and also the acquisition of “Hotel Kufuor” and Accra Mall with his children as front.
With regards to his leadership style, he scored 55.7%. The boosting of the private sector, restructuring of the economy etc. are some of the factors that shore up his numbers.
On Accountability he scored 33.9%. This was due to the fact that he could not measure up to his own set standards with regards to the Zero Tolerance of Corruption as well as the office of accountability that he established, which became a white elephant.
In regards to his Moral Values, he polled 19.6%. Main factors: sleeping with any woman that he chanced upon, besides having twins with Gizelle Yatzi. He also allegedly dished out positions to some women because of “bottom power” as stated by Kofi Jumah recently; kissing women in his marital home and in public without shame. In fact with no disrespect to women, the survey showed that all the women are really not happy with his moral character.
Trustworthiness: the most he scored was 15%. Some complaint of him deceiving Ghanaians about how bad the economy was when he took over from the NDC, and of how good it was when he was living office. Also awarding himself with medals worth billions of cedis without any shame; in fact he was the second person after Bokassa to have ever awarded himself, as Head of State.
Stay tuned for Part II
Poll Analyzed by,
Stephen Atubiga