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Opinions of Sunday, 30 January 2011

Columnist: Amankwah, Nana Kofi

NPP Are Cowards II

I n every country the opposition party has a major role to play in shaping the
nation’s development and political agenda a role that benefits society as a whole.
Then again the balance in government is the expression of opposition on a parallel
political level. This is what the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) seems not to
understand --- the meaningful role the need to play in Ghanaian politics in order
to protect the national interest of the ordinary citizens.

However, after working hard to bring this information in my previous article, the
NPP members on the finance subcommittee in parliament should have investigate my
reports found the facts and acted on them, but it seems these idiotic impudent
members on the finance committee don’t care. They don’t care as I care about the
welfare of my country; therefore I will continue to use any necessary tools in my
possession to expose these NDC uneducated fools. I will reveal how they are
spending the nation’s money in London so that all of Ghanaians can watch the events
of NDC spending the nations money on themselves and their family members abroad.

This Togolese boy Fifi Kwetey, who comes from Anehor in Togo and is now a deputy
Minister of Finance, has continued to take the indigenous people of Ghana for a
ride. Fifi Kwetey, who now attends the London school of Economics, has resumed his
classes by using Ghanaian taxpayer’s resources to educate a sycophant and foreigner
like himself. He has no right to talk political nonsense and lies against the
indigenous people of NPP. He has thus begun his schedule by going back to school
from Monday top Friday in London, returning to Ghana every weekend then flying back
on Sunday night to London.

How cynical must the opposition party in country like Ghana be to keep quiet on
issues of concern to the national interest where a foreigner is currently taking
advantage of a nation? The NPP should be aware that Ghanaians are not fools and
will not elect a party that cannot defend their national interest. Ghanaians will
not bring such a party to office 2012. Things need to change now or they continue
to suffer on the polls in the 2012 general elections.
Before the 2008 general elections, Attah Mills and NDC founder Jerry John Rawlings
assembled these uneducated fools from the National Democratic Congress NDC to lie
and destroy the incumbent NPP in the media. The Togolese Fifi Kwetey, Agyenim
Boating, the 28 year-old boy, deputy information Minister Okudzato Ablakwas, and
the idiotic motherfucker fool, who have insulted the Ashanti’s Kobby Acheampong
used pathological lies on the NPP and did it successfully in 2008. Now these
uneducated idiot fools are using the state logistics and revenues to educate
themselves while the opposition NPP isn’t saying anything publicly.

Furthermore, a murderer like the NDC founder Jerry John Rawlings now has the
audacity to brand the NPP, as murderers by saying the NPP are responsible for the
death of Mobilla. With all his political nonsense the NPP cannot respond to this
lunatic Jerry Rawlings who continues to think he is above reproach in Ghana. The
question is how on earth, should the NPP even allow this murderous Rawlings who has
killed many innocent people in Ghana who has stolen millions of dollars of our
nation money, and who has created mass wealth for himself and his family, while
those he murdered children continue to suffer economically in Ghana, be allowed by
the opposition to thrive with his stupidities in the media while the NPP allows
this fool to walk around like nothing is happen and keep talking nonsense everyday?
Why cannot NPP ask this murderer what happens to his own vice president Ackaah? Why
cannot ask again the NDC founder Rawlings what happened to B.B Bismarck
the Aburi chief?

The most annoying expects s in all this is that when Rawlings calls the NPP
murderers, this NPP idiot fool Kwabena Agyepong is too cowardly to confronts this
harebrained thief Rawlings and ask him what happens to his parents. Although he
murdered them during his tenure, the party that made him who he thinks he is now,
this Agyepong cannot defend that party from the hands of this criminal NDC founder
Jerry Rawlings.
The story’s to be continued

From: Nana Kofi Amankwah (New York)