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Opinions of Thursday, 28 May 2020

Columnist: Raymond Ablorh

NIM: Efficacious panacea to Ghana's coronavirus

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Recently, I put up a Facebook post about the National Interest Movement (NIM) and somebody commented, "the name kuraa sounds like "
'Neem'... E go bitter pass the NDC n NPP."

That sounded like a joke but I considered it very important to respond to, "... it will heal us of our mental and political Coronavirus."

We laughed over it. The "neem" plant/leaf he referred to is very bitter. And, it's medicinal value can't be overemphasised. Neem heals.

Certainly, the National Interest Movement could be likened to Neem when it comes to its medicinal value in Ghana's prevailing political situation.

Our system is sick. Every politically conscious citizen knows this. What many don't know is how to heal the system of its flaws to build a functional democracy for all, not just a few citizens.

NIM presents efficacious constitutional and institutional reforms that will cure the maladies of our ailing system. And, it provides a credible convergent platform for all citizens who are fed up with the status quo and want a more liberating system to converge and pursue the change they're desirous of.

It's for the disappointed NDC, NPP, CPP, PPP and all independent minds and citizens who are genuinely seeking a meaningful change beyond change of political parties and politicians in office.

It's for the poor farmer to whom farming has been made a punishment instead of a fulfilling occupation.

It's for the unemployed youth who have followed parties for years and have worked so hard for them only to be abandoned until the next election.

It's for persons of disability who are only cared about in our books and laws but not in how we build their talent and include them in development.

It's for the kayayei and young people who migrate from rural areas to the cities to live in despondency and hopelessness in their effort to harvest greener pasture.

It's for abandoned communities and people who are only remembered by NDC and NPP during elections campaigns period.

It's for workers and pensioners; old and young; women and children and the masses as a whole.

This is why it boiling a People's Manifesto" in a transformative pot.

There are good people in every party who are desirous of helping build a prosperous society for all but often they don't get to influence their parties and government well enough to birth their dreams for many reasons.

Often it's about other influential members' parochial interest, party loyalty or for party funding sustainability.

Our adversarial "winner-take-all" politics makes it worse as other political parties or groups are kept outside active participation until their parties come to power. Projects and programmes commenced by previous administrations are abandoned to become monuments of waste. And, billions are lost to corruption, misappropriation and negligence.

In all this, the only or main sufferers are the poor masses and their families. Once in awhile, free "this" or free "that" is thrown at them while things get harder and the leaders enjoy more luxury at their expense.

Today, many citizens are very bitter like "neem". NIM is only extracting their bitterness to cure the nation through the pursuit of constitutional and institutional reforms that can cure the flaws of our system and make our democracy functional enough to deliver the democratic goods and services the Fourth Republican Constitution promises.

We can't allow the bitterness of the masses to grow until it kills us all. Now, is the time to heal the people and the nation by executing a People's Manifesto.

Let's heal Ghana with NIM.

President Ablorh.