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Opinions of Friday, 25 September 2009

Columnist: Amankwah, Nana Kofi

NDCs Threats Against NPP In Ashanti Region Is Real

On Thursday September17, 2009 I read an article on Stating “Appiah Menka alerts over death threats.” Every Ghanaian including those outside Ghana should not joke with Appiah Menka’s assertions. They are honestly the truth. This has been the plan for the murderous NDC party in Ghana for 2012 general elections. The NDC has started recruiting their own murderous squad to carry out their hidden political agenda on those they want to eliminate including silencing the entire NPP membership in the Ashanti region in the 2012 general election.

The information that I’m putting into the public domain is the real facts concerning the NDC’s violent plans. My fellow countryman, the violent National Democratic Congress that Ghanaians remembered during the period from 1979 till 2001 has never changed. Their methods of murdering innocent Ghanaians for unjustified reasons have not charged. A majority of Ghanaians believe the ways and means in which John Evans Attah Mills presented himself during the 2008 presidential campaign as man of peace and change will change the NDC from their violence past. However, now it is getting worse than the 80s and the 90s. Mills was a wolf in sheep’s clothing to fool Ghanaians into voting for him and his violent NDC. In addition, those who are currently carrying on the NDC mission were those who were send to Cuba by the NDC founder Jerry John Rawlings to be his killing paratroopers during his time office. Most of the actions were carrying out by ET Mensah as he has continued his killing mission again. The NDC general secretary is an idiot to blame their killings on NPP; the majority of my personal friends who are NDC members of parliament and some high profiled members are angry. Don’t get me wrong not all NDC members are bad. We have very good people who care about the improvement of the nation.

During my last weekend in Ghana this summer in September 2009 I went to a funeral in the Eastern Region at Akim Oda. Attending the funeral were NDC gurus, Ministers, Chief executives and some prominent members including some sycophants who are just followers without common sense. A friend of mine whom also came with me from New York who comes from the area. We went to the funeral and happened to know some of these NDC members. Some of these NDC members started to say some foolish things about the NPP. My friend quickly engaged them in a hot argument that they dare not to say any idiotic things about the NPP. He said he would not allow them because their NDC administration has destroyed our nation’s economy. It was through these arguments that these NDC “motherfuckers” monsters were able to review their violent plans towards NPP members in the Ashanti region. I was extremely upset. For one I’m an Ashanti; two, I’m a UP tradition member; third I’m Ghanaian, and there is no justification for them to have a plan for violence against one ethnic tribe among the others. These aforementioned individual said in plain language that we NDC will shut the Ashanti region down in the 2012 general election. I asked them how they are going to shut the entire Ashanti region down-- While I was playing pacemaker. These criminals have the audacity and proudly said they control the national security, police and the armed forces. As a result of this they will select their own choices of officers for the Ashanti region in order to shut them down. Their main reason is that the Ashanti’s are dedicated to their NPP and UP tradition they always rig votes in Ashanti region. These idiots who were argued with my friend did not think that all the people over there are not NDC members but they kept on talking. I decided to move from the area where the arguments were going on to another place and listen to what other NDC members were saying. They think I’m an NDC member. One of their big men said to me that they are training their own squad for security missions because Ghanaians are scared of blood. I was shocked but not surprised. This man showed me two guys who are members of their squad wearing dark black glasses- the NDC secret police. I’m alerting Ghanaians not to disregard Appiah Menka’s assertions.

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) are saying unequivocally that they will now rule the country for the next thirty years by using these methods to rig the elections in years to come. When these NDC members realized who we were they began to follow my friend and me wherever we sat during the entire time at the funeral. They would send someone to sit behind us. We therefore went to our various cars where my friend picked up his nine-millimeter and I also picked up my 35 millimeter. As an American will tell you, I have got my shit on me so bring it on. I urge all Ghanaians across the country to protect themselves especially the NPP members in Ashanti and the Northern region.

According to my private investigation the NDC murdering squad is operating now in Ghana. They operate in forms of armed robberies but they are not really armed robbers. They are actually the secret NDC murder police. Ghanaians should protect themselves from NDC; I was in Ghana where NDC members murdered NPP guys from the Northern region at Agbogbloshie market in Accra for unjustifiable reasons. All reasonable and well-intentioned Ghanaians should be outrageous at this behavior. I have a message for NDC members who will be going to the Ashanti region; we will be prepared. Our NPP guys will be ready for your NDC criminal’s in 2012 elections.

Stay tune for more information on this issues.

Nana Kofi Amankwah (New York)