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Opinions of Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Columnist: Agyei, Asafo

NDC wants to dance on the grave of Adams Mahama

All Ghanaians mourned Adams Mahama, the late Upper East Regional Chairman of the NPP, who was murdered in cold blood.

As the rumours rage on over the motives of his alleged murderers, we, Concerned Citizens of Ghana, will ask the NPP to stop throwing accusing fingers and allow the police to do their work. We understand that this murder is alien to the tradition of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), but the party must come out of this stronger and single-minded in focusing on how to recapture 2016. Ghanaians would not forgive the NPP if they did not use this tragic death to realign its leadership to bring back total confidence of the rank and file in the direction and purpose of the party's leadership. The party should take now or never the tough decisions that would bring back confidence in its leadership.

As with all murders in Ghana, the murder of Alhaji Adams Mahama is a criminal matter that must be thoroughly investigated by the Ghana Police Service, and all who are found culpable in his death, either directly or by proxy, irrespective of their status in society, must be dealt with according to the laws of this land. Nothing short of this will satisfy Ghanaians, the NPP and the family of Adams Mahama.

However, Concerned Citizens of Ghana are very disturbed by the attitude of the ruling party in this matter. At this point, it is important for us to turn our attention to the events/pronouncements immediately following this dastardly murder, and for us to ask some hard questions of certain people.

As you would have noticed, and as confirmed by the circulation today of a copy of an internal NDC Propaganda guidance note to its communicators, it is clear that they want to use the unfortunate death of Adams Mahama as a strategy to deflect attention from the many leadership failures of the John Mahama-led NDC Government, the least of which is Dumsor. The NDC wants to dance on the grave of Alhaji Adams Mahama.

Clearly, the NDC is the one political party in Ghana who, without exception, always seek to make political capital out of the death of public figures.

Ghanaians should be concerned at the cold, heartless voyeurism that drives these kinds of duplicitous, hateful, devisiveness by the NDC. This is the one party in Ghana's history that made political capital over the death of a great King and Warrior, Ya-Na, and those of Issa Molbila, and President Atta Mills, among others. And now they seek to make the same of Adams Mahama.

If Ghanaians will recall, it is the same NDC that created a state of doom and gloom over these deaths, falsely claiming access to evidence that points to the culpability of politicians, especially of the NPP. They went on to make promises of using this same evidence they claimed they had to prosecute, and jail the people they falsely accused. Now, we all know, that it was all a shameful exploitation of the deaths of honourable Ghanaians for political advantage. In fact, NDC has, without a shred of shame, through its founder, claimed that the death of their own, then President Atta Mills, was a 'fortunate event' because it gave them sympathy votes during the 2012 Elections. Their National Women's Organiser in 2012 hailed the death of the President as coming at the right time. President Mills died under very strange circumstances. Yet, the NDC government chose to ignore popular calls for investigation into the death of President Mills. How much more evil can a whole party be? How much more callous, devious, and heartless can the NDC be? Is nothing sacred anymore as far as the NDC's politics is concerned? Have they no shame?

Now they are back, and seek to do same with the death of another Ghanaian. It was sad to note, that even at the point when our Adams Mahama was yet to be buried, these same ghoulish vampires jumped on their political soapboxes, drumming up vile propaganda and hate, again, all for political benefit.

While regretting the circumstances of the murder of Adams Mahama, and calling on the Ghana Police Service to leave no stone unturned in bringing the culprits to book, we call on Ghanaians of all political persuasions to, with one voice, reject the NDC's insensitive, and evil politics of exploiting the death of Ghanaians to further their political agenda. We call on Ghanaians to avert their minds to the duplicity of the NDC, which is, not focusing their attention and energies on security for all Ghanaians who daily are under attack by armed robbers and contract killers.

The deaths of other Ghanaians like Fennec Okyere and Francis Anderson, who were brutally cut down in the prime of their lives and careers, have not received the same kind of attention the NDC has attached to deaths they see as politically 'beneficial'. It is obvious that this NDC Government does not care, nor is interested in the personal safety of ordinary Ghanaians butchered by armed robbers simply because their lives have no political/electoral 'value'. It is a great shame.

We therefore urge Ghanaians, let us come together as one people and say to the NDC: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!



Asafo Agyei


Concerned Citizens of Ghana