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Opinions of Saturday, 16 June 2007

Columnist: Sidibe, Abdul

NDC should stop its Foolishness on ROPAL: Rejoinder

Nana Kofi Amankwah, enough of this bulshitism and look beyond ROPAA and how best it could be implemented to the satisfaction of all. Ghana is not the NPP or NDC. Ghana is for all us. We all have a stake in the development of this country. The NPP may have good reasons for passing the ROPAA, so are the reasons for the opposing NDC. It is time to stop writing gabagesm and counter accussions and look beyond what the opposing sides for the best ways to successful implement ROPAA for satisfaction of all sides.
Some countries have successfully done this and so can we. In the interest of peace and the integrity of our electoral system, I would strongly suggest that put this ROPAA on temporary suspension until such a time that we are able to iron out our differences and find the best and acceptable ways of extending voting rights to Ghanaians abroad without antagonism and skeptics.
For this purpose I will recommend the following for the election commission to consider.
1. The election commission should allow all Ghanaians wishing to vote to apply directly to the commission.
2. The commission will then verify the citizenship and voting eligibility of those Ghanaians and send them registration materials to addresses abroad.
3. When elections are up, the commission should sent voting materials by mail to those Ghanaians who have applied to vote.
4. Ghanaians abroad will vote and sent the voting back to the commission for counting.
This what is done in Canada and other advanced democracies we can do it. Not only will it avoid the concerns of the opposition NDC that Ghanaian appointees at various missions abroad will be made returning officers as proposed by EC, it will allow the EC to be in charge directly for those votes. The counting will be done at the EC offices, thus allowing party agents or their representatives to supervisor and record those registered and indeed voted.

Abdul Sidibe
Welland, Ont. Ghana

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