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Opinions of Thursday, 24 July 2014

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

NDC's Propaganda Is Backfiring on Her

NDC as a political party has never been serious. It only thrives on propaganda to win elections or to be in government. By the way, has it ever won any general elections without resorting to foul play? A research I have conducted into the conduct of NDC as a party and her membership, does prove that the NDC eschews fairness during, and after, elections. Fair play is anathema to NDC. They resort to propaganda and other evil means to rig elections in their favour to be in government. Vote buying, dissemination of false information, negative advertisement directed at rendering the opponents’ credible policies nonstarter, harassment and physical intimidations have always been their weapons or tools to wield.

What is propaganda? PROPAGANDA as defined by Oxford dictionary is, “Information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote a political cause or point of view”. Is it not only the NDC party among many others in Ghana that has got an officially recognised Secretariat for Propaganda with one Mr Solomon Nkansah as her current Acting National Propaganda Secretary?

What do Ghanaians expect from a party that thrives on propaganda, other than things of the nature of the current socio-politico-economic mess Ghana is drowned in?

The NDC propaganda machine after churning out lies over several years is now squeaking and screeching to a halt. The whole nation and the people therein, have come to realise the emptiness of the NDC as administrators in whose hands the management of Ghana should not have been entrusted at all.

Their propaganda is now coming back to bite them hard, if not to devour them at a gulp. Almost everyone in Ghana hates the incompetence, maladministration and the visionless NDC government except those placed in positions to avail themselves of the seeming institutional corruption in operation.

Ghanaians have come to realise the NDC government as callous and mischievous as she is, is also taking Ghanaians for not only a rough ride, but also, avidly underrating their intelligence. Now that people have come to understand the mind-set of the NDC towards Ghanaians, they are revolting in their own way to boot out the government from power. For how long will they have to wait while the clueless President obstinately persists in his myopic economic policies that favour only his family, cronies and a few party gurus, but have the potential to collapse Ghana as a nation?

Subsequently, I give my blessing to the nationwide demonstrations by the citizenry to force President Mahama to change course, else he will be pushed over the precipice if he refuses to jump himself. He must be a father for all but not just a father for a particular tribe, a group of people or the likes of Ibrahim Mahama, alias Pepeni No.1 and Tanii No.2.

Ghanaians are now walking the talk. A nation is never to be governed on the tenets of propaganda! The monster that the NDC propaganda has created will gulp down its creator. It has come back to haunt the creator – President “Ede bii keke” John Dramani Mahama.

Rockson Adofo