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Opinions of Tuesday, 30 January 2007

Columnist: Oto, Kwadjo

NDC's 'Dr.' Asem Fofro At It Again

A Jumapo born Master Osei Yaw, a traditional herbalist, fetish believer and NDC serial caller popularly known as ‘Dr.’ Asem Fofro on the 16th of January, 2007 demonstrated his usual gross disrespect and lack of manners at the just ended Ghana @ 50 People’s Assembly held at the Christ the King Parish Hall, Sunyani.

The People’s Assembly is a novelty introduced by President Kufuor to avail himself to the ordinary Ghanaian to put the presidency virtually in the dock for cross-examination. The President answers all manner of questions by the people who are his employers concerning the stewardship given to him by the good people of Ghana. As the Greek will say ‘Nemo autem regere postest nisi qui et regi’- there is no one who can rule unless he can be ruled.

Ironically, Asem Fofro and some uncultured Ghanaians like the so-called Evangelist who betrayed his God by calling on lesser gods decided to abuse this elephant opportunity by raining insults and curses on the sitting President of the country. These two gentlemen, I can say, were the representatives of the NDC at the packed national programme to ask questions. What they did inside the Assembly Hall, was a clear embodiment of what the NDC stands for.

The intonation and language in which the fetish believer spoke to the No.1 citizen of the land was very insulting and a clear characteristic of the party he is coming from. What the herbalist and the NDC should know is that Ghana has travelled very far from the days where the Presidency controls and manipulates the Judiciary; this is the era of rule of law where only the law is supreme. The courts will decide if Mrs. Rawlings is truly innocent and if she comes out not guilty, the laws of the land will certainly set her free not the President. A case study is the acquitted and discharged of Nana Ato Dadzie, former Chief of Staff and Mr. Samuel Dapaah, Former Chief Director of Ministry of Food and Agriculture by the law court during the Quality Grain Scandal.

It was indeed a classical display of ignorance for Asem Fofro to elude that it was Former President Rawlings who made President Kufuor the President of the Republic. It came as no surprised to most Ghanaians since some learned NDC gurus also live in this dream land. It was the 57.22 % and the 52% of votes by the good people of Ghana in 2000 and 2004 respectfully that made President Kufuor the President of the republic of Ghana. In any case, the constitution of the land says with 50% + ONE vote the winner becomes President.

It will be recalled that, this same character called Asem Fofro made similar allegations and unguarded remarks on the President at the Cape Coast People’s Assembly. According to the NDC serial caller, his wife was denied assess to NHIS benefits as a card bearer when she went to deliver at the Korle Bu Hospital, only for him to pay millions of cedis.

The allegation was later investigated and came out to be a flagrant lie. When Asem Fofro was contacted for lying against the Presidency, he confessed that it was all framed up and also pleaded not to be exposed. He also said to one Ahenkan a car dealer at achimota “Hon. Dan Botwe never pushed me, I intentionally said so” the fetish believer intimated. This was also his confession to what he said at the Cape Coast grounds that Hon. Dan Botwe had pushed him to prevent him from asking his question. Sources close to the Information Ministry revealed that this persona non grata called Asem Fofro, after making wild allegations that Hon. Kwamena Bartels had ordered for his arrest, actually called the Hon Minister and apologised profusely for lying against him. This gentleman has consistently demonstrated that he lives and breathes lies. He can therefore not be trusted and should not be taken serious even for a second.

Asem Fofro, evangelist Daniel Oppong and the others are young people within the NDC who are the future of the party since the youths of any organisation are the future of that organisation. Therefore if the NDC is grooming liars, disrespectful illiterates and irresponsible future leaders like this then of a certainty the NDC as a party has nothing to offer this country. Even those who claim to be evangelist and elders within the party are either liars or idol worshipers. No wonder the leader of the party himself confessed his believes in ‘Antoa nyamaa.’ If these are the sort of leaders NDC is grooming then as Ghanaians we should be worried about the feature of the country.

Asem Fofro, evangelist Daniel Oppong and the NDC should live beyond pride and partisan politics to thank President Kufuor and the NPP for instituting the People’s Assembly and for the current dispensation of freedom breeding in our country. After almost insulting the President, Asem Fofro is still a free man going about his business freely without intimidation. This freedom Asem Fofro and the evangelist never and would never enjoy under the NDC.

In fact, if this incident happened under Mr. Rawlings NDC era, these two gentlemen would by now have had their hair shaved with a cracked bottle and thrown into former President Rawlings’ guard room at the castle. What the NDC and its followers should know is that Ghanaians are no longer interested in their gorilla tactics and will never vote for them again, ever!

The President, John Agyekum Kufuor and the Minister of Information & National Orientation, Hon. Kwamena Bartels exhibited high level of tolerance, maturity and leadership. It was a consolidation of NPP’s commitment to deepening good governance and freedom of speech when they reminded the public that as much as they disagree with the questioners they should allow them to express themselves freely.

It is therefore not surprising when the President of the United States of America, Mr. G. W. Bush with his hands around the neck of President Kufuor said and I quote “this is my friend the best African President.” ‘Ayekoo’ President Kufuor and your NPP government.

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