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Opinions of Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Columnist: Rockson Adofo

NDC's Coercive Political Attitude will bring Mother Ghana down

Ghana is sitting on a ticking time bomb that can go off at any moment from now. The
ignominious, reprehensible and incomprehensible Ghanaian attitude to politics is the
very bane that will destroy Ghana. The NDC's political attitudinal problems typify
the difficulty faced by the African in running his or her own affairs. What would
otherwise be a simple problem to resolve has now become an intricate maze under the
notorious NDC regime presided over by President Mills.

A little narration of events can make my point clearer to people. During the 2008
parliamentary and presidential elections, the NDC vowed to rain brimstone on Ghana
in the event of the NDC losing the elections. They would not settle for defeat as an
answer to the election results. They should win regardless the circumstances and the
outcome. It was their turn to govern Ghana and the balance must compulsorily tip in
their favour. What an outrageous audacity daring Ghanaians to vote against them and
then suffer dire consequences. They were more than ever to go to war on the people
of Ghana.

Former President Rawlings was the trumpeter blowing and orchestrating the resolutely
determined evil and threatening intentions of the NDC. Little did he know that "Man
proposes but God disposes" They went to the lengths, far and wide, to ensure certain
areas in the Volta region, the Bank of the NDC, became a no-go area for the rival
but incumbent NPP. The threats, intimidations and beatings of their NPP opponents
yielded them their anticipated goal. They won the elections but by an insignificant

In the time of the NPP government, I thought the administration was corrupt and that
Ghanaians deserved much better. I was not the least perturbed when there came about
a change in government. Truly, "the devil you know is better than the angel you
don't know" or, "a bird in hand is worth more than two in the bush" The NDC with
the dazed President Mills are far too corrupt, incompetent, insatiably greedy and
worse administrators than the NPP. They are refusing all sensible persuasions to
ensure the 2012 elections are devoid of taints, thus, rigging. The NDC accepts
Biometric voting but refuses its essential component of Verification. The NDC at the
wrong time and for dodgy reasons are creating unnecessarily numerous districts and
Constituencies across the country especially, in her strongholds.

The NPP in honest has decided to counter the threats spewed out on daily basis by
the "", thus, the NDC. They are ready to take the battle to the very
backyard of the temerarious NDC in the belief that the NDC need to taste the
sourness of its own concoction. When you always give the coward a chase, he will one
day muster courage, turn on you, and give you the fright of your life. When you
force an animal into a tight corner, it finally fights back. The NPP have now come
out with a frenetic slogan –"All die be die" The youth and the aggrieved under the
NDC administration are identifying with the concerns of the NPP and are ready to set
fire to Ghana in the event of the NDC inflicting daylight election-robbery on
Ghanaians come 2012.

With these threats coming from the two major political divides at certain defined
times, where is Ghana heading to? Instead of President Mills talking down his naive
Deputy Ministers with his Communications Director at the presidency, Koku Anyidoho
inclusive, he chooses to remain quiet. Silence is consent, so the wise man says. He
consents to their insulting of the public especially, the NPP that they see as
enemies instead of political rivals or compatriots.

The absurd intimidations in frantic perpetration by the NDC with the equally
determined intentions by the NPP to counter them boot for boot and bumper to bumper,
Ghana will soon be set ablaze. If war occurs in Ghana due to the folly of our
politicians, who will Ghanaians accuse of being responsible? Our insatiably greedy,
visionless, and incompetent politicians, especially the NDC, are to blame.

There is nothing to gain from being senselessly quiet with that ridiculous attitude
of wait and see. President Mills should rein in his inexperienced baby-face Deputy
Ministers with motorised mouth. Failing to do so, Ghana may soon burn, the fire
consuming both the extroverts and the introverts.

There is fire in Ghana run, run, and run!