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Opinions of Thursday, 27 October 2016

Columnist: Seth Mifetu

NDC provides epitome of hope as NPP drown in mythology

NDC rally (L), NPP rally (R) NDC rally (L), NPP rally (R)

The National Democratic Congress (NDC), a social democratic political wing of Ghana had, since 1992 unilateral declaration of multi-party democracy by Ghanaians, been locking horns in fearsome battles with the New Patriotic Party (NPP), a liberal democratic Elephant of Ghana, in general elections.

Struggle for political mandate between these two parties has been very competitive because both sides had over the years provided similar policies poised to move Ghana forward.

In 2016, as the Country gears up to general election, the formidable and perfect competitive encounter that normally engulf the atmosphere is missing.

Ghana, under the ruling NDC led by President John Dramani Mahama, has seen natural crises ranging from power outrages, market fires, unstable fuel prices in the world market, effects of global recession that hits developing economies, fall in Cocoa production due to over aged Cocoa trees, and many more.

In the face of vast physical, social, political and economic challenges, President John Mahama led administration built a resilient and investor friendly economy that has whet the appetite of the IMF, World Bank and other economic partners of the Country to pledge their continuous commitment and support for Ghana.

Nigeria, the economic giant of Africa, had in recent time expressed worries about how Ghana, under Present John Mahama, had become a major aviation hub in the sub-region, thus causing the Nigeria aviation industry to dwindle. Just recently, Air France had concluded an agreement with Ghana to commence direct flights between Accra and Paris.

NDC had taken a solid ground in its visibly unprecedented developmental gain in the Country, as they launched an evidence based campaign captioned "Changing lives and transforming Ghana".

NPP on the other hand, has failed to state its position clearly on the state of affairs in a way of providing Ghanaians a credible alternative as had been the case in the past. Instead, they have chosen to belittle Ghanaians by telling them “CHANGE IS COMING”. This is the myth NPP is propagating and they are living in it.

The myth surrounding NPP is that, the party is preaching “CHANGE” while it does not itself believe in it. They don’t because, Former President J.A. Kuffour warned them in 2007 about how divisive and ferocious Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo-Addo could be; he went ahead, therefore, to advise the party to look for a better alternative to lead the party but they failed to heed to the advice simply because they do not believe in "CHANGE".

CHANGE is hard, so NPP maintained Akuffo-Addo for 2008 general election by slapping J.A. Kuffour in the face with a direct response to his warning, “Y? nim Akuffo-Addo fretiti” (we knew Akuffo-Addo from ancient days).

Even though there was a massive rejection of Akuffo-Addo by the electorates in the 2008 general election, NPP still maintained him in 2012 where he met another grave rejection.

In 2016, some of the party faithful and analysts warned the party that NPP's fortune does not lie in Akuffo-Addo leading the party; many people expressed concerns about Akuffo-Addo’s age and health, which they prudently thought could be public apprehension that could amount to another rejection, therefore, the need for “CHANGE” in the flag bearer-ship of the party, but again the party demonstrated that they do not believe in "CHANGE".

Akuffo-Addo and majority of party loyalists, including NPP-UK Chapter, prevented the wind of “CHANGE” in the NPP as Akuffo-Addo quickly produced a doctor’s report saying he was okay and fit. But today, whether Doctor's report or not, everyone has his or her own opinion about Akuffo-Addo's age and health, and that opinion will reflect in December 7th 2016 election.

Three consecutive times, NPP vehemently refused to give “CHANGE” a chance to surface. And they are asking the good people of Ghana to accept “CHANGE”?

Now that the NDC has become the epitome of hope? Lives are being changed positively, and our country being transformed absolutely?

“CHANGE” is hard; that is the story NPP foretold, and “CHANGE” that may have the potential of marring our Country's fortune and beauty must be treated with the greatest disdain ever.

Don’t make mistake, NDC has affected Ghanaians in incredible measure, regardless of one’s political affiliation, religion, cultural and gender. So, let the working team continue to work for you and Ghana.

NDC shall lead from victory to victory.