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Opinions of Monday, 5 April 2021

Columnist: Comrade Azeko

NDC in crisis?

It is another glorious weekend. It’s therefore imperative to mention that this weekends is not the same as the past: Biblically, Christ died and resurrected. Simply put, he conquered death and brought salvation to the world.

Last week, I shared with you a short history of slave trade in the late 18th Century. It is worth noting, Salaga is known for being the biggest slave market in West Africa and is also known as the town of thousand Wells. Yes! Wells. It's therefore not surprising to walk into a well as a stranger in town. In the coming weeks I'll be sharing a story of an old man whose grandfather was a slave. Bought all the way from Ulu in the upper west region.

Comrades, I have taken notice of your outpour of pain and disappointment on social media over the approval of Ministers. Some of them with questionable track records. Sincerely, I side with you. I felt same pain and anguish. However, I did not allow the pain to lead me into self-destruction.

The current turbulence in the party needs cool heads. I have every confidence in the leadership of Parliament and the party to weather the storms. This too shall pass. Readers need to study the history of the NDC to better appreciate its dynamic nature. We are a Congress! For God’s sake. The views and opinions expressed are the total reflections of society. Inherent in our diversity of opinions lies our strength.

Dear Foot soldier, it is logically pathetic to ask for the minority leader to vacate his position. Especially, on the basis of them passing the Ministers. Remember that decision, as communicated by the party's General Secretary was a party decision. We may not be happy with the turn of events and want our MPs in parliament to be more proactive and stand by the party interest first.

Our leaders, need to step up and deliver effective communication. Foot soldiers we need to know. Our numbers outweigh the elites in the party. We bring more to party organisation and activism and get little or none. Move with us along or risk the repercussion. Ultimately, let’s go after the collective good.

May we use this festive period to do a self-introspection and come back stronger as a family, realizing the role of party grassroots is enormous in our forward march? The bigger goal is 2024

Ey3 zu
Ey3 Za

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