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Opinions of Sunday, 3 April 2011

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

NDC are on Course to Win the Kumawu Constituency in 2012. Should they?

The National Democratic Congress (NDC), a transmutation of the Provisional National Defence Council (PNDC) has inherent attitude reminiscent of the sanguinary characteristic of the tsetse-fly. The parasitically bloodsucking insect is proverbially alleged to have its oversized head constantly inundated with blood. That constantly flow ("va et vient") of blood in alternating circuitry within the head of the tsetse-fly triggers off a sensation that motivates it to proceed on further merciless bloodsucking spree. Never will the tsetse-fly be devoid of that propensity bordering on pure insanity to inflict injurious pain on its victims.

The behaviour of the NDC as observed on daily basis lends verisimilitude to the appalling characteristic of the tsetse-fly. The NDC have their core values as, intimidation, bullying, lawlessness, divide and rule, insults and the use of rampaging footy-soldiers and radio phone-in serial callers of questionable characters to propagate and expatiate upon their manifesto. The NDC's divide and rule or divide to conquer tactics is too pronounced. In the period where autocracy or dictatorship has come under attack as epitomized by the ongoing political upheavals in the Arab world, the NDC in their seemingly sublime stupidity, excuse me to say, are trigger happy to erect and strengthen such obnoxious structures.

Do rational people continue to sit on the fence fidgeting, lost in thoughts whilst irresponsible characters hold the nation to ransom? I will rather outspokenly opt out of that dastardly act of nonchalance than to watch with the chin peacefully supported in my palm as a partaker of all the reprehensible things taking place under the NDC regime. The NDC with their inherent hatred for the rule of law, fundamental human rights and all else that makes peaceful co-existence worthwhile, I stand to declare without mincing words that it is unqualified to win the Kumawu Constituency.

How can a party that rewards people who are experts at wielding the axe of insults with Ministerial appointments or promotions be taken serious? I stand to be corrected if I were wrong. Has that slimy-mouth Kobby Acheampong from Mampong-Atonsu not been applauded for insulting those deemed as his political opponents? Has he with many others from the ruling party not executed wanton attacks on their political rivals and in so doing gained the president's favour and a pat on the back?

Same as the Arabs are getting angry at the despotism of their leaders with the concomitant violence, so I am annoyed at the deplorable insanity of some of those elected to represent us at parliament and as Ministers. Is it not true that "without anger, there will be no violence and without violence there will always be anarchy?" Do I then be condemned and reprimanded for my expressed anger as hereby stated? I am afraid not. Opportunity knocks only once but temptation leans on the door bell. Persons like Kobby Acheampong, Agyenim-Boateng and many others in the NDC have luckily seized the opportunity that came their way but have still allowed themselves to be carried away by arrogance. That inhered arrogance in them is that very door bell the Satan has his finger constantly on. These guys claim to be smart when insulting others whereas they are actually depicting their incivility for all to see.

We are all like tea bags; we don't know our own strength until we are put in hot water. In our individual determination to be of selfless service to humanity and the nation, why not aspire for position, one may surmise? I am galvanized into employing all lawful tactics to ensuring NDC do not win the Kumawu Constituency contrary to their anticipation. Until they amend their ways which are complete anathema to modern day civilization, they will be given a run for their money come 2012 when they hit the campaign trail to win the Kumawu Constituency. Neither will the NPP be spared of my rod of chastisement as earlier stated in my preceding write-up. Fair exchange is not robbery, I believe in that. The prerequisites for winning the seat have clearly been stated even though they may be shrouded in crafty wording. The code is possible to unravel by discerning persons.

In future I shall suggest and impress upon Ghanaians that the exercise of prerogative by the President in deciding which region, district or town to have what major infrastructural investment and when, should be abolished. It is never helpful to the course of nation development. Rather, a National Development Plan for say, fifty years, should be developed. This will ensure continuity and sustainability of development until every district in the country has got their fair share of the national cake. Did Dr. Kofi Abrefa Busia of blessed memory not come up with such a plan during the era of the Progress Party government of which he was a leader and Prime Minister? That plan culminated in the prioritisation of the then nine regions in order of their needs and which is developed first. This led to the Volta region being called the NO. 9. If Busia's development plan had been stuck to and followed through, there wouldn't be this situation where the President out of whim and in canvassing decides who gets what. This suggestion will in itself eschew the furtherance of evil intentions that are bound to cause financial loss to the State as purportedly impressed upon President Atta Mills by Dr Tony Aidoo.

What does Tony Aidoo suggest? He has advised President Mills to discontinue with all those infrastructural projects initiated but unfortunately left half-way completed by the Kufuor's administration. The NPP could not see through to completion many projects commenced by them before they were voted out of power. Tony Aidoo believes the NPP will take credit for such great feats if completed. The NDC may not have anything to point to in their bid to canvass Ghanaians to vote them back to power in 2012. For this utterly simplistic argument without substance, President Mills with his NDC government has abandoned the projects, left them at the vagaries of the weather. This nonsense should stop. As long as the projects were not meant for the private use of the initiators but for the greater benefit of Ghanaians and Mother Ghana, they should have been continued till completion. These political gimmicks must cease. This is quite a lack of common sense on the part of Tony Aidoo and the NDC. Should they lose elections in 2012 and NPP come to abandon all the projects for which President Mills is actively cutting sods day in day out, who suffers? Ghanaians do, but not those aimlessly carrying out such absurd myopic intentions. It is said; "If two elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers" A word to the wise is sufficient.

Should Kumawu Constituency fall into the hands of the NDC in 2012? We live to see! I will be back, but stronger and more precise. Surely we shall make it!

Rockson Adofo