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Opinions of Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

NDC are Stealing Ghana’s money through Judgment Debt Payments

Dear Fellow Ghanaians,

I have the pleasure to welcome you to this electronic seminar or conference to
discuss the Judgment Debt Payment policy by the NDC government. I will discuss the
judgment debt policy in relation to the perceived corruption it induces, and the
affliction it brings upon the population.

What is a Judgment debt? It is a debt established or confirmed by decree of a court
of law. Under the President Mills-led NDC government, the propensity to, and the
avidness of the government to effect judgment debt payments leaves sour taste in the
mouth of many a Ghanaian. The government Ministers and appointees go out in search
of dubious individuals and companies to come forward with all sorts of claims on
Ghana. They coach them on how best to present their case that it will be attractive
to the public and court their support.

One Mr Alfred Agbesi Woyome, a self-styled NDC financier and businessperson has
confessed how the Deputy Chief of Staff Alex Segbefia was privy to his plans to make
judgment debt claims on Ghana. Alex Segbefia aided him by way of offering him
expert's advice on the presentation of his claim, although he knew it to be an
execution of pure fraud on Mother Ghana. Alfred succeeded duping Ghana to the tune
of GHC51 Million.

President Mills insisted on rather finding who caused the liability instead of who
effected that fraudulent payment to Woyome. He denied any knowledge of the
transaction before it became public even though he had made tow vain attempts to
stop the payment to Woyome. The Deputy Attorney General Ebo Barton-Odro, Alex
Segbefia and many NDC gurus rallied to the defence of Woyome even though he had
confessed on air not to sign any contract with the government of Ghana. Without any
signed contract in place, how could the Kufuor-led NPP government have abrogated it
in the first place to cause that judgment debt payment?

There are numerous cases of individuals and companies having succeeded with their
dubious claims on the government. In all these cases, one finds it bizarre how and
why those in government jump to the side of the claimants instead of defending Ghana
against them.

What is more worrying is how almost all the cases are settled out of court at the
behest of the government appointees. Instead of going to court to challenge the
claims made on Ghana by these charlatans they rather opt for out of court
settlement. How then do they classify the payments as judgment debts without any
confirmation of decree by court? They are simply conniving with dubious characters
and companies to rip off Ghana through the debt settlements.

How comfortable do you feel as a discerning Ghanaian to see Okudzeto Ablakwah, Mrs
Betty Mould-Iddrisu, Alex Segbefia, Ebo Barton-Odro and even President Mills
himself unequivocally approving and defending the payments to the claimants?

The NDC and their agents are expertly stealing unprecedented gargantuan money from
Ghana through the judgment debt payments. It is nothing short of utter
thievery according to my source of reliable information.

For all those astounded at Betty Mould-Iddrisu's performance at the Public Accounts
Committee, I promise them regret, wailing and the gnashing of teeth when the
kickbacks she has taken becomes public knowledge. She has personally profited from
the Woyomegate scandal. I challenge her to invoke denial curses of the gods on her
head. If she does, she will surely fall a victim because her hands are dirty as far
as some judgment debt payments or out of court debt settlements go.

The intended and or debt settlements with Africa Automobile Co. Ltd on the rotten
gallopers, Pioneer Construction and many others are all fraud with the smelly hands
of the NDC government at play.

The government's disposable money that could have gone into the construction of
roads, infrastructural development, and creation of jobs to alleviate poverty are
going into dubious debt settlements. The NDC and those government appointees
fronting for those debt settlements are greater beneficiaries.

I will stop short of invoking the wrath and the generational curse of God on all
those deliberating assisting dubious individuals and companies to dupe Ghana because
of the personal profits they stand to gain. However, their guilty conscience will
torment them all the rest of their days on earth. May they mysteriously
lose everything that they have acquired aiding people and companies to dupe Ghana?
Next time others will invoke the ruthless wrath of the gods and rivers on all the
NDC crooks of who Alex Segbefia, Okudzeto Ablakwah, Koku Anyidoho, Betty
Mould-Iddrusi the dazzler are probably among. May all the crooks perish with their
ill-gotten wealth through corruption and disservice to Mother Ghana?

Rockson Adofo