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Opinions of Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Columnist: Newton-Offei, Justice Abeeku

NDC and sincerity are two parallel lines

....they only meet at infinity

My Pure Mathematics master at the prestigious Saint John’s School, situated on exquisite green-hills of Baka-Ekyir, Sekondi, in the Western Region of Ghana, taught me, in geometry, that, two lines placed at an angle to each-other, will always meet at a point in time, when they are extended. However, two lines placed parallel at each-other, will never meet, no matter how long they are extended, except at infinity.

Now, since the issue of sale of a “drill ship”, belonging to the state of Ghana came up at the sole judgment debt commission hearing, a lot of heat has been generated by our brothers and sisters in NDC.This has gone on for some-time now, and as we speak, a finger of absurdity is now being pointed at Nana Addo as the ultimate culprit in fictional questions being posed by NDC propagandists.
I have listened to the likes of Felix Kwakye-Ofosu, Ibrahim Murtala, Mahama Ayariga and other top-ranked government officials making comments on this matter, and I really feel ashamed to have such people in high places of our nation’s governance. Government information machinery, which is supposed to enlighten the citizenry as to the real workings of government, by way of innovative policy alternatives to alleviate the suffering of the citizenry, has now been turned into an outlet for churning insipid propaganda.
Heinous economic crimes
These government officials, who are being catered for with taxes from the sweat and toil of ordinary citizens, and therefore expected to perform their duties with style, finesse, dignity and integrity, have decided to throw all these wonderful and well-accepted norms completely out of the window, and are deeply engrossed in utterances that cast a very shameful picture of ministerial appointees, which used to be very noble opportunity to serve one’s nation.
Since NDC came back to power in January 2009,under the stewardship of the late saint Atta-Mills, Ghana has witnessed the most heinous economic crimes ever perpetuated anywhere on this planet. We have had a situation where a sitting president, saint Atta-Mills, actually sent out orders for a dubious judgment debt, involving Waterville, not to be paid, but, those three presidential orders were shoved aside with disdain by people at the seat of government, in collaboration with some crooked public officials, and the payment was made in full, with utmost alacrity!!!
Even before saint Atta-Mills’ orders which were completely thrown out of the window became public following the EOCO investigation, it actually came into the public domain that, in his hand-written caution statement to the police after his very first arrest in-connection with now infamous “GARGANTUAN” loot, Alfred Agbesi Woyome stated that, the decision to pay him that massive amount of cash in questionable judgment settlement, was actually taken at the seat of government, and in presence of then deputy chief of staff, Alex Segbefia,Betty Mould-Iddrisu,then Attorney General and Kwabena Duffuor,who was finance minister at the time.
Martin Amidu’s explosive epistles
Again, in many of “citizen vigilante” Martin Amidu’s explosive epistles, he has clearly mentioned names of individuals in both saint Atta-Mills and john Mahama-led administrations, as having their hands heavily soiled with obscene corruption, as regards dishing out of hundreds of millions of dollars of Ghanaian taxpayers’ monies, in dubious judgment debts which often ended up in the pockets of NDC party financiers and top government officials, allegedly.
We even have had a situation where this private citizen, Martin Amidu, out of his own personal resources, taken on the whole state apparatus in both the Woyome-Waterville and Isofoton scandals, and came out with flying colours while government had its body heavily dented, with a verdict ordering the state to retrieve tax payers’ cash dished- out in fraudulent judgment debts.
Incurable blindness and irreversible deafness
But as we speak, absolutely no step has been taken by the state to effect those court rulings. We have had a situation where the highest court of the land, the Supreme Court, has actually described the level at which our nation’s coffers are being gang-raped, as tantamount to “CREATE,LOOT AND SHARE” scheme clinically put in-place by government officials in clear collaboration with other top public officials, to siphon our monies into their private pockets.
But rather strangely, both NDC government officials and their horde of insipid propagandists have developed incurable blindness and irreversible deafness in matters of massive corruption being unearthed every minute. And to let you know the level of selective amnesia NDC people suffer from when it comes to dealing with matters of unbridled corruption and obscene insolence taking place under their noses, a whole minister of information, Mahama Ayariga, said on 26th October, 2013 edition of 'newsfile' on Joy-FM that he, as a substantive minister and chief spokesperson of government, didn’t "know if Nunoo-Mensah is still the national security adviser".
And this goes to cement my unimpeachable belief that,indeed,Ghana has now fallen into the hands of naked propagandists who have turned our dear nation into a big circus where you have characters as "babies with sharp teeth, greedy bastards,old evil dwarfs and crookish monsters" putting up routine displays to entertain patrons. This clearly tells you that NDC propagandists and truth can be likened to two parallel lines which will never cross path except at infinity!!!
GHc144m gift to Subah-Infosolutions
In 2011, for example, a law was put in-place to enable Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) to create an outfit to monitor payments of communication to the state by telecom companies. Now, a section of the law which authorizes GRA to award the contract to a revenue monitoring company was never put in-place. But rather amazingly, a company called SUBAH-INFOSOLUTIONS was contracted by GRA in 2011,and since then, tens of millions of Ghana cedis,belonging to Ghanaian taxpayers, have been paid to this company, annually; this comes very close at the heels of gyeeda-gate,isofoton-gate,woyome-gate,waterville-gate,cp-gate,asongtaba-gate,zoom-lion-gate and so on.
And to make matters worse, the law to contract a company to monitor and collect the ‘talk tax’ revenue from these telecommunication companies, actually mandates GRA to make sure the company so contracted, has a particular equipment of specifically specific specifications, to effectively monitor and efficiently collect revenues accruing from the talk tax.
But rather strangely,GRA contracted SUBAH-INFOSOLUTIONS when the latter hadn't secured the said equipment, and as a result,SUBAH-INFOSOLUTIONS hasn't been able to collect a penny from these telecom operators by way of talk tax, since the company was awarded the contract in 2011.Yet,over GHc144m has been paid to SUBAH-INFOSOLUTIONS. And as expected, neither government officials nor their legion of propagandists are asking questions about this. They are rather busy embarking of cacophonous frenzy over alleged loss of some few thousands of dollars from the sale of a drill ship.
Firing-squad for a GHc5 loan
Now, casting my mind back in history to 1979 and 1981,during the days of so-called revolution, one would always wake up in the morning to hear radio announcements to the effect that, "the following persons have engaged in acts with intention to sabotage the economy of Ghana and they must report to Gonda Barracks for their own safety".
People deemed to have engaged in such acts, where sometimes cash of not more than present-day value of GHc5 was involved, were given 2minutes trial with no access to a lawyer and sentenced to 99years in prison with the less fortunate ones simply being tied to the stakes at Teshie firing-range and shot in broad-day-light amidst fun-fare.
As a matter of fact, Rear Admiral Joy Amedume was actually tied to the stakes and shot for allegedly using the level of influence he wielded at the time, to legitimately secure a GHc5 bank loan. Now, such 'kangaroo'(hip-hop) justice with 'water-buffalo'(gargantuan) punishments were ironically perpetrated by no less a political tradition but that of the antecedents of present-day NDC of which this very same Nunoo-Mensah was inextricably linked.
But today, Nunoo-Mensah, a national security adviser, is being showered with tons of praises by no mean a personality than the sitting president, John Mahama, for his prowess in fund-raising from foreign Embassies to build multi-million dollar projects across the length and breadth of Ghana. Effectively, Ghana is now being governed by a group of obscene hypocrites who have neither believed in justice nor have had the interest and forward movement of our dear nation at heart.
And this is why, as a people, we must pull together and make sure NDC loses the next general election in 2016 and do whatever is humanly possible to perpetually keep them away from our nation's seat of government.
Justice Abeeku Newton-Offei