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Opinions of Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Columnist: Ahmed, Musah

NDC Would Unpardonably Lose To NPP Come 2012 If….

After the 2008 historic general elections in this country, Prof. John Atta Mills of the NDC won and was sworn into office as the successor of former President Kuffour of the NPP.

Twenty months down the lane, the Atta Mills’ led Administration has attracted many commendations from foreign agencies for its better handling of the country’s Economy.

The first of which came from the Economists Intelligent Unit (EIU), which in May this year reported that base on the Government’s performance as far as the economy of this country is concerned, no candidate from the NPP side can beat the current president (H.E. John Evans Atta Mills) come 2012.

The report from the Overseas Development Institute (ODI) last month, also presented that its checks on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) performance of Ghana presents that the country has succeeded in halving hunger and for that matter, the future is bright for Ghana.

Again, the current Forbes’ best countries for business ranking report, presents that Ghana is ranked 75th best business country out of 180 countries in the World, which marks an outstanding performance of the government compared to the 2008/2009 hundred and two (102) abysmal performance of the country.

Despite the performance of the Atta Mills’ led administration and commendations it has been getting from recognized Foreign Economic Institutions, there have been quite a number of agitations and concerns from some of us who are within the fraternity of the NDC, especially amongst us, the Cadres who are famously termed as the “Foot Soldiers” of the party. Why? Because the we feel we have not been given the maximum attention as the sympathizers of the NPP Kuffour led administration were given.

This has escalated to the extend that some of us the youth of the party have gotten to the extend of chastising the government and even setting up campaign groups to endorse other personalities from the party other than concentrating on the better performance of the sitting president. I am not saying that we should not endorse anybody but rather do that legitimately after the nominations have been opened, as enshrined by Article 43 clause (a) of our constitution.

I would like to admonish myself and other comrades of the party to calm down and allow the government to run and continue to deliver on the Better Ghana Agenda.

Let me caution without any sort of trepidation that if members of the party end up engaging in this kind of semantics, which at the end, influence the decision of the party to present a different candidate for the party (NDC) other than the current leader ( H.E. John Evans Atta Mills) for the 2012 general election, then the NDC should prepare to unpardonably hand-over to the NPP come 2013.

The government has been performing since its assumption of office and let all of us join hands to help him deliver on the Better Ghana Agenda.

God bless foot soldiers of our great party.

God bless NDC.

God bless Ghana.

Thank You.

Musah Ahmed.

TEIN President ( Kumasi Polytechnic Branch)


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