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Opinions of Monday, 11 August 2008

Columnist: Kusi, Duncan

NDC Signs Of Losing

The largest opposition party in Ghana, National Democratic Congress (NDC) has come out again with their intimidation tactics.

This shows that they are going to loose on this coming election. NDC is like a hungary lion going round for food, any one that comes across it would not be spared.

This intimidation tactic is something Ghanaians do not welcome, because we know P/NDC right from the revolutionary era, how people were killed, how others were beating up, how some of us flew to safe their live and how others lost their properties.

If all those brutalities were not enough for P/NDCs, then I am afraid of their coming back.

He who practices democracy should also practice how to control his or her temper. This is a wrong approach to seek for power. Now Ghanaians have remembered the old days and imagining the future of P/NDC party.

It is also a lesson to NPP activists, that if they mistakingly vote against their party, their live would be in danger because of this pre-election voilence.

Another advise goes to NPP leaders. They should listen to their people and react on any iota of advise they give, if they do that NPP would continue to rule for many years.

Ghanaians have come a long way and maturing in politics gradually. People continue to remember the wounds of their lashes during the barbaric revolutionary era, so intimidation would not be the answer to P/NDC question.

We learn from our past experience so P/NDC should also learn from the past and stop intimidating people. If I write against the present government on certain issues, it does not mean I hate him. It means he should not loose sight to monitor and control his performance.

One should not be a boot licker and also dance to his master's beat even when the beat does not match with the song. When things are going wrong, we try to point it out without looking at where we belong to.

Another advise is this. If one does not affiliate to your party, we should not take the person as an enemy. We should try to convinced the fellow to be affiliated. This should not be a hard exercise for P/NDC.

He who predicts P/NDC victory in this coming election would be ashamed, because they are not ready for it.

God bless our homeland Ghana, Amen.

duncan kusi