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Opinions of Thursday, 20 December 2012

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

NDC - Justice is Nothing Personal so give it a Chance

Painfully, some "educated illiterates" in Ghana do not see the relevance of JUSTICE. They have that deplorable attitude of always demanding peace without ever seeking to address the concerns that give rise to particular problems and commotions in the first place. They are never on the side of the innocent victim but always pander to the vile tastes of the abusive leader or the perpetrator of the crime.

In the midst of flagrant election fraud on the opposition NPP by the abusive NDC government and party, some "educated illiterates" are demanding peace in the absence of appeasement and justice. These same people are vilifying the NPP for having recourse to the courts for justice over the blatant electoral robbery the Electoral Commissioner with his outfit has inflicted not only on the NPP, but also on the entire discerning Ghanaians.

"Educated illiterates" by my perception and definition are all those that have had formal education but lack discernment. They are unable to reason as intellectuals in the midst of evidential facts laid bare before them. They make mockery of themselves in the abundance of overflowing wisdom and intelligence. They allow deceit, selfishness and parochial interests to cloud their thinking hence, their difficulty to see, tell and acknowledge the truth.

I would like all Ghanaians the world over to know that, "True peace is not merely the absence of tension: it is the presence of justice". Where do you see justice in the December 7, 2012 elections held and overseen by the most intransigent and irresponsible being called Kwadwo Afari-Gyan? From the word GO, he took sides, favouring the corrupt NDC party and government. I alerted Ghanaians to how partial the bigot (Kwadwo Afari-Gyan) was in some of my earlier publications.

Let everyone take note that "Justice has insatiable desire for truth". Justice though is expensive it is nothing personal. It will be daft on the part of our Supreme Court Judges, to seek to deny Ghanaians justice where there is abundant substantive evidence incriminating the NDC of election 2012 fraud. It muddies the waters should the Supreme Court fail to live up to its jurisdiction.

Be it known to our Ghanaian "educated illiterates", hypocrite "stomach politicians" and insane political party activists that: "Justice preserves. Justice is peace. Justice is timeless. Justice is the voice of the minority. Justice is indistinguishable from truth. Justice has insatiable desire for truth. Justice is expensive. Nothing personal". With the above innocuous attributes of justice, it is only common sense that the NDC will fully support any court action the NPP initiates to seeking justice. Justice is a prerequisite for peace.

If the NDC and President John Dramani Mahama are innocent and victorious as they claim, why are they raiding the NPP headquarters and the homes of NPP lawyers? Are the NDC with their terrorist macho men not trying to retrieve for destruction any evidence the NPP may have to prove their allegation of election fraud against them (NDC)? Sensible people are making their own decisions from the many established dubious endeavours by the NDC to entrench themselves in power. All the divisionary tactics (featuring and pasting Alan Kyeremateng's photos in Kumasi, NDC serial callers phoning into radio stations impersonating NPP activists but expressing bad intentions towards NDC sympathisers, etc) by the NDC will not wash.

As a thief will forever remain a thief no matter how far he changes for the better, so will the reputation of the NDC always remain tarnished with regard to election 2012. Upon all how abusively the NDC used State machinery and incumbency to their advantage, they had finally to resort to massaging (doctoring), the election results to garner John Mahama enough votes to be dubiously declared the winner. God will surely speak in due course to expose John Mahama and the NDC, believe you me. They rigged the election by colluding with Dr. Kwadwo Afari-Gyan, the accursed fraudster of the century.

I call on all discerning Ghanaians to stay resolute in their quest to ensure justice for all on election 2012.

Rockson Adofo