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Opinions of Monday, 4 June 2012

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

NDC Chasing Rawlings out of Aflao

– No June 4th Celebrations, they say.

His own NDC family is flaying Former President Rawlings in public. The NDC for reasons best known to them have not only ditched Rawlings but also pushing him into the abyss of oblivion. As usual, the inexperienced but corrupt and insulting first-time politicians within the NDC are malevolently orchestrating plans to cause the final downfall of former President Rawlings.

These evil entities within the NDC are as ungrateful as they are insatiably greedy. They will go any length to protect their newfound political arena where gold, oil, honey and succulent damsels abound. Normally, one would have expected them to show circumspection towards the Rawlingses noting the proverb, "Bite ye not the finger that feeds thee". They rather have short memories and as opportunists as they are, they have decided to go with the new hope – President Mills. They take much comfort and hope in the adage, "do not cast stones into the well that supplies thee with water" President Mills is the new well overflowing with thirst-quenching cold water whilst former President Rawlings is now a dried up well full of sand.

The nauseating hypocrisy of the NDC disgusts me. You will recollect that the Supreme Court in former President Kufour's era banned the official celebration of the June 4th Military Uprising that ushered in the AFRC, PNDC and finally the NDC. The same NDC people with then former Vice President Atta Mills inclusive flaunted the Supreme Court's ruling. They rallied solidly behind Former President Rawlings to continue to celebrate the June 4th, 1979 uprising. It is only logical that Ghanaians discontinue June 4th anniversary celebrations if the intentions of the National Reconciliation Commission are well founded and anything to go by. The June 4th celebration is like adding insults to injuries to many that lost their loved ones, lost their properties and lost their self-esteem. It is like opening up old wounds but a nice saying goes, "do not open up warts because they hurt"

What has now gone amiss that the same people that hailed Rawlings with his June 4th are now baying for his blood? They are resisting him from celebrating the June 4th even in his own tribal birthplace – Aflao. According to former President Rawlings, June 4th, 1979 gave birth to probity, accountability and transparency. In his believe, these are the three cardinal pivots on which Ghanaian politicians are supposed to revolve for Ghana to succeed in her socio-economic emancipation. However, he has come to establish that President Mills with his government now see the noble values of the June 4th as booby traps. The NDC government under President Mills are so corrupt that the values of June 4th, 1979 pale to nothing.

The current NDC government with President Mills are scared shitless that Rawlings will expose all their corrupt dealings, confused performance and abject incompetence when they allow him to celebrate this year's June 4th. June 4th is the occasion that former President Rawlings airs his views on the true state of Ghana's politics, economy and social behaviour of Ghanaians without resort to propaganda. Any such revelations by Former President Rawlings will hurt their election 2012 fortunes hence doing whatever possible to frustrate or prevent him from staging any public June 4th celebrations.

How do the NDC with President Mills still hope that Ghanaians would vote them to power again come December 7, 2012? Do they still take Ghanaians for fools? I personally do not want to see the June 4th 1979 celebrated any more. It is about time we buried that painful hatchet that did a lot more harm than good to Ghanaians. We do not have to revisit that objectionable memory via the repetitive celebrations of that occasion as in perpetuation by Rawlings. Nevertheless, I strong abhor the way the NDC greedy sycophants are reacting to Rawlings' declaration to celebrate the occasion in his own tribal enclave. If Rawlings can get President Mills to wake up to his duties, by delivering his usual "boom" speeches from June 4th public platforms, why should I not support him?

Please President Mills, do not allow your baby-face Deputy Ministers and appointees to dictate their wishes to you. Anyway, you are tired and almost asleep on the oars. Wait for Nana Akuffo-Addo to take your retirement letter to you. Ghanaians have tasked Nana Akuffo-Addo to delivery your pension letter to you on December 7, 2012.

Rockson Adofo