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Opinions of Wednesday, 4 January 2006

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

NDC Atta Mills, Wise Up And ...

... Cease Bootlicking J.J. Rawlings

The NDC's twice failed but still the aspirant-preferred choice of the "immortal" dictator Junior Jesus Rawlings, for the year 2008 presidential flagbearer of the NDC, in the person of Professor John Evans Atta Mills, is not a man of himself but a stooge, a puppet with strings attached to his limbs, pulled on at the whim of his master, to dance to the folly but murderous tone of his music. His recent mimic assertions of Rawlings, issuing stupid threats directed at the government and the NPP, shamelessly claiming that the 2004 elections were rigged and that should the NDC fail to win the 2008 elections, they would of 100% certainty, cause commotion in Ghana, makes him as dangerous a cynosure as his "mental suffering" self-styled mentor Junior Jesus Rawlings.

Refer to PEACEFM ONLINE.....OF BLOOD AND VENGEANCE 23/12/2005 for the full text of his message.

How on earth should rational Ghanaians, expect a band of intimidators, to be voted into power? Never have the NDC come out with a clear cut agenda as to how best to run the nation should they be offered the chance, but continual issues of threats and wildly unfounded allegations leveled against others. Is this stupidity, insanity, or both? I can hardly understand why certain political parties or group of persons believe in violence to bulldoze their way through to false eminence. NDC are quite typical. They are all getting infected with the diatribe of Rawlings. How can someone constitutionally barred from ever ruling Ghana say without mincing words that HE will imprison some people should the NDC win back power in 2008? Does this not go to tell that Atta Mills would be only a manipulated puppet, whilst Rawlings actually rules? Why does Rawlings think that he is forever born to rule, but not ruled?

I detest corruption and bribery in all their forms and shapes, and therefore hate to compare and contrast, but for the sake of clarity, analysis and formation of rational opinions, I would like to ask the following questions to all Ghanaians, especially the NDC sympathisers and Rawlings in particular. Beforehand, let me quote a few definitions of corruption to get the picturesque description of the situation to the warped and wobbling minds hypnotised by Mr. J.J Rawlings.

{?Corruptness: lack of integrity or honesty (especially susceptibility to bribery); use of a position of trust for dishonest gain.

? destroying someone's (or some group's) honesty or loyalty; undermining moral integrity; "corruption of a minor"; "the big city's subversion of rural innocence"

In broad terms, political corruption is the misuse of public office for private gain. All forms of government are susceptible in practice to political corruption. Degrees of corruption vary greatly, from minor uses of influence and patronage to do and return favours, to institutionalised bribery and beyond. The end-point of political corruption is kleptocracy, literally rule by thieves, where even the external pretence of honesty is abandoned".}

The NDC from their rank and file accept with 100% certainty that Mr. Rawlings is not only the father but the sole founder of their NATIONAL DEMOCRACTIC CONGRESS (NDC) party. Fine. From where, and how did Mr. Rawlings get that huge amount of money to found and funded the political party he just created at the crack of the finger, at the imagination of his mind to impose himself on Ghanaians when being caught up with the fire and heat of the Western World, especially, America, to go democratic? It is only a fool that will say that Mr. Rawlings did not steal from the State coffers to advance his selfish aspirations. Did he not lopsidedly put the State and government machinery at the disposal and in favour of the then newly formed NDC party to the disadvantage of the others? Did he not fix a small amount of money as the maximum that any individual, group of persons, companies or organisations, could contribute to, and towards the political parties? Was it not his intention to starve the other parties of finance to gain undue advantage over them which was actually the case as witnessed? Is this not corruption as by the definitions given above?

The Junior Jesus Rawlings unlike his Senior Jesus Christ was a lanky "yoko gari" debtor, not all due to the then hardships in the country but also his abominable lifestyle of spending almost all his money on "Indian hemp?. He has since he usurped power through to present, put up unnecessary body weight through greediness, that I fear for his health. From where has he got money to live in villas, cater for the schooling of his children in expensive Scottish Universities and to purchase pleasure speedboats and bulletproof cars? His usual evasive answer to such questions is, "my friend is doing them for me". When further probed with questions about the identity of that friend, he then say, "It's over my dead body, I will not disclose him". Fine. It says that "one good turn deserves another". He had misused his offices to help that mystery friend if he does exist hence, the pay back in kind. Is his difficulty telling who the friend is, not ringing bells of corruption?

Does his "gutter boys" he helped get rich overnight, including E.T. Mensah, not constitute corruption of some sort?

Does Rawlings understand and believe in democracy? If answered in the affirmative, why then the evil manifestations contrary to democratic values at their just ended Congress at Koforidua, to elect party leaders. Rawlings is a diehard dictator always imposing his will and himself on people. He believes in having his way in all situations and under whatever circumstance, hence his difficulty accommodating those with divergent views in the country especially, the NPP and their government, therefore mouthing all sorts of accusations and threats. Is this attitude not corruption?

Why the inscription into the Constitution of "indemnity and no accountability" for Rawlings and his boys? Is he honest as he wants the whole world to believe with that stupid clause in the Constitution?

Please, Mr. Mills, we know how desperate you are to get yourself once more imposed on your party through the evil acts of Rawlings but don't stoop so low to such nonsense utterances. You are not a man of yourself but treading in the shadow of Rawlings. Be yourself and be your own man. You should be knowledgeable enough not to reduce yourself to that level of Rawlings just to appease him to court his support for once again imposing you on the NDC.You are a goner. Your party doesn't need you anymore as their leader irrespective of your hidden desire and the miles you are ready to trek "clap-singing" praises to Rawlings and licking the soles of his boots.

Ghanaians are happy with their newfound freedom of expression, right to life, etc, which your Rawlings denied them. You have hills, mountains; to scale before Ghanaians will vote you back into power with that much known about your Rawlings' wicked past and present dangerous nature. The NDC must grow up for silly threats will take you nowhere near the seat of government but probably into the abyss and oblivion.

Long live Ghana, long live rational Ghanaians.

Rockson Adofo. (London)

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