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Opinions of Wednesday, 27 November 2019

Columnist: Samuel Wudana

NCCE should thank Togbe Afede on his 'No' Comment

Following the recent position of the so called group 'united Volta youth' requesting for the resignation of His Royal Majesty Togbe Afede on his comment which has to do with the upcoming referendum, I write to applaud the wise king(Togbe Afede) for the bold stance he(traditional council) has professed.

Upon pondering on the whole situation and critically observing the grounds it appears our last source of hope that gives education to the public on issues like this are all 'in bed' with the government and therefore has become silent in the carrying out of their duties.

The various districts have also 'married the opportunity' to preach a Yes to the populace all in the name of educating the people in the district.

Giving them the benefit of the doubt that some of our appointed DCE's are erudite.

I wish to ask that isn't the education to prick the highest taxonomy of the individual thus, 'application'.

Education on this issue should, therefore, put before the individual a choice to be made.

So what kind of education is that which gives you a choice without an alternative?

Therefore, Togbe Afede's decision is a light that will ignite the sleeping institutions to wake up and also gear up the tamed institutions to shake off their shackles.

I, therefore, admonish this group to back their visionary king and the decision of the highest traditional authority of the land and eschew the empty promises given them by some party dimwits.


Samuel Wudana

Pro. Youth for Development