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Opinions of Sunday, 13 September 2015

Columnist: Emmanuel Bombande

My take on Kwabena Agyapong

Kwabena Agyapong has started a fight he is nowhere near winning. Not even the rented press consistently on his side can alter his gloomy fate as he wages a mischievous yet failing campaign against the daily guide and Nana Addo.

He should have realized the futility of relying on the crude journalism practitioners to prosecute his filthy agenda against his party, Nana Addo and lately the daily guide.

Unfathomable why the embattled chief scribe of an opposition political grouping would ignore the realities of his waned authority and engage in pettiness such as throwing tantrums at the newspaper in front of which he is but a mere dwarf. He has so soon forgotten his many visits to the offices of the daily guide seeking one form of support or the other. Even as he stands on the precipice of his political career about to make the final leap to death, he continues to throw mud at the newspaper for his predicament.

Mr. Agyapong, with all due respect, close your mouth and listen to me “your mastery over convert machinations which you have used in your filthy and losing war of attrition in the New Patriotic Party (NPP ) would not deter any member for losing hope in advance”. So I put it to you to put a spontaneous fool stop to your deadly AGENDA 2020.

Folks, maybe Kwabena Agyapong has forgotten that, the new patriotic party won over five million votes and for that matter still has a greater segment of Ghanaians who are willing and are ever ready to highlight the effects of his arrogance and double stands on the progress of malty –party democracy in the country. How pitiful! Holding such an important office and becoming inordinately paranoid is unwholesome and would rob him of a place in the comity of the respectful.

Folks, with all due respect, I suggest we send the general secretary to the appropriate institution for some kind of assessment. But I hereby suggest that we administer to him the following pre-medications before he kills the biggest opposition party (NPP).

1. Im diclofenac – 75 mg start dose.

2. Tabs Paracetamol – 1 g tds ? 4.

3. Tabs multivite – 10 mg tds X 7

4. Im chlordiazepoxide – 50 mg bd X 24

5. Clobazam – 10 mg tds X 5

6. Hydroxyzine – 25 mg prn

7. Hydralazine – once daily X 4.

I am very sure that the above-prescribed medications will help him before he arrives at the psychiatric unit of the 37 military hospital. I, however, suggest that he visits me in my office on the 20th September, for review.