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Opinions of Friday, 25 June 2010

Columnist: Appiah, Gifty Andoh

My lay point of view: Exploring lesbianism and Homosexuality

My quest to explore the world of lesbianism and homosexuality, led me peeping into very uncomfortable details including bestiality, orgies and the likes. These issues (lesbianism and homosexuality) seem not only to have gained much more prominence but more advocacies and some appreciable level of acceptance in the world, even in Ghana today. As I wondered the angle from which to address this slippery subject in my lay point of view, I heard some purported lesbians passionately sharing their experiences and reasons for being lesbians on a radio talk show. Some were married to men, yet lesbians, some wanted to quit but seemed to be at the peak of addiction. For the rest, quitting was not even an option. What was outstanding in all their speeches was that most of them picked up the habit from school whilst the others who claimed they were the pursuers of the girls they were dating, said they won their hearts with gifts, money or both.

Lesbianism and homosexuality are gaining grounds more than we want, anticipated or want to believe as a people which are why we get worried when respected personalities add their voices to the fight for their rights. I think that we should allow these “freedom fighters”. We should only make it known to them that as people, lesbians and homosexuals are entitled to every right enshrined in the constitution but as humans who defy natural laws and societal norms, society and nature will associate with them accordingly. Sometimes it looks as if very soon, a community without homosexuals and lesbians might be considered incomplete. The upsurge of lesbianism, homosexuality, bestiality, transsexuality and all other sexual malpractices are even being compared with the breakaway of the protestants from the Roman Catholic church, the rejection of slavery and racism and believers of such, comfort themselves with the belief that as slavery was abolished, and protestant churches accepted and established, these practices will soon be accepted and given unmovable roots in the world. That will never happen. At least not in Ghana as we build on the hope that our wall of morality and sense of religious observation will not crumple at the feet of legalities and “enlightenment” plus the hope that the inability of the UN declaration on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered people (LGBT RIGHTS) will forever remain unsigned by every nation.

Poverty, Internet and the Church.

Unlimited access to the worldwide web with its many advantages has not helped the situation just as poverty has not, and for those of us who search the web for news and like to hook up with friends on facebook, we do not need an angel to tell us how addictive the web can be, especially now that we all have internet on our mobile phones. As for the depth of information that can be accessed, thanks to Google and the others, I cannot describe. All you need to know is how to spell the words “lesbian”, “gay” or “homosexual”, even if you get the spelling wrong, staring at you will be a wide range of information, from confused writers who see absolutely nothing wrong with replacing a vagina with an anus-forgetting that even red and blue pens don’t serve the same purpose though they are all pens , spiritually confused supposed men and women of God struggling to either validate what is clearly invalid with scriptures or poisoning the minds of people with their own formed doctrines, to men and women who are over willing to send money and travel all the way from East, West, North and South in search of this crazy pleasure as though there are no men or women where they come from.

It’s also a sore feeling to accept the reality that poverty has led a lot of people into the practice especially in many parts of Africa. For lack of “daily bread” and inability to provide for themselves and their children, parents look on helplessly mesmerized when their children become “friends” and pen pals with all kinds of people, black and white alike. They do not even ask questions when their children bring in lots of money even when they don’t work. Some even push their wards and friends into such practices as long as it can bring in cash. (Not all Pen Pals are like that anyway). As for our villages, and small towns where they like to hide to satisfy their crazy sexual cravings with children, the youth and the elderly, the situation is worst as poverty, ignorance and negligence are at their peaks in such areas. Those found out are arrested but my hunch is that many are those whose such activities are neither reported nor detected. Some of them succeed in even getting their sexual exploits on tape and return to their countries in one piece.

Many of our young men and women have landed in the practice simply for financial gains. First, they find it amusing that someone somehere with lots of money to give off is just a click away and then when they receive something small from them, they get hooked on, never to let go. After constant continued fellowship and brainwashing by the lesbians and homosexuals, these young people start believing as they have been made to, that they were born lesbians or homosexuals and so it goes on and on. At least I know a few.

The church has not evaded the claws of lesbianism and homosexuality and has not been spared the criticism either although I believe that the majority of churches are against this “sexual revolution”. Even some clergymen are lying beneath the blanket of homosexuality, pulling out the hair in their nostrils to cover up their inability to hold on to their vows of chastity when lust licked on the zips of their trousers. They are busily and shamefully destroying either their own anuses or that of others instead of their supposed uninterrupted consecration and service to God and mankind, whispering “at least, I found an alternative” to themselves and confusing others along with them, by endorsing and “okaying” the practice.

The church and mosques have better discussed lesbianism and homosexuality more bluntly to enlighten young men and women before they get hooked on to the other side of the story, instead of participating, covering up or pretending it cannot or was not happening in there.

My Opinion

Men replacing that which is in front of women with the “behinds” of other men and women causing orgasm with penis replica objects is neither natural nor acceptable. As to who determines what is right or wrong, it has never been the preserve of the individual but the consideration of factors such as religion, societal norms, rules and regulations and natural laws. We all know what the anus is used for. That is why for seventy years and above, people can still have sex but the homosexual cannot sit down with ease within some few months or so.

God does not contradict Himself. He made two different things called man and woman. Why didn’t He make another of the first one or vice versa? He was establishing natural law. Having commanded us to multiply, there is no way He would make lesbians and homosexuals. Therefore, the argument that lesbians and homosexuals are born as such, can never be true. We learn the practice either out of curiosity, experiences or for monetary purposes. Even the housefly, the dogs and the goats know their females and males. They sleep with each other accordingly, even they, know and follow the law of nature. In any case, why are those who sacrifice their behinds to their fellow men referred to as the “obaa” (female) in the relationship? And why do they usually behave like women? It’s simply the law of nature at work. Two men can not be husband and wife. There definitely has to be a woman.

It is no news that lesbian and homosexual activities are on the increase in Ghana though underground. The argument therefore that bringing the activities and those who practice it into the limelight will enable them access help and medical care, for me, doesn’t hold. Those practicing in secret know whereto finds medical care and they do just that so those to be accepted into the brother or sisterhood will be shown the way as well.

Openly endorsing Lesbianism, Homosexuality and the co “mininis” by law or whatever there is, in my opinion is suicidal. It will only pave way for those brainwashed to actually believe that they are born lesbians or homosexuals. It will break homes and sever family ties for a long time if not forever as the society cannot accept the practice as a Ghanaian norm. As Africans and Ghanaians we should examine what is best for us and not just accept anything that everyone accepts. We must know and better understand our own makeup concept and operate within it accordingly. We are all human beings, yes, but the shoe that will make walking comfortable for me might break another’s leg.

As for those of who are not lesbians or homosexuals, fighting for lesbian and homosexual “rights” (whatever that is),they should wait until their children or spouses tell them one day that they are one of those and examine what the feeling in their bodies and hearts will be like. We can make positive natural changes such as flying like birds in ear planes, parachutes etc. Let’s not defy the natural sexual law. We can take a cue from the bible's Sodom and Gomorrah.