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Opinions of Tuesday, 28 July 2020

Columnist: Rachael Quaye

My coronavirus journey

My advice to someone out there: Covid 19 Is Real but It is Not your End My advice to someone out there: Covid 19 Is Real but It is Not your End

One may ask; why put this sensitive story out there in the face of stigmatisation? my sincere reply; every Experience is an opportunity to Educate.

Being diagnosed with covid19 is one of the most dreadful thing in 2020, majorly in its first half. I prioritised myself with news relating to those who tested positive and unfortunately could not survive through; fear gripped my heart.

Waking up each morning with the prayer point “this evil virus will be far from me and my household” encouraged each day.

Mid-June, my husband came down with symptoms of malaria, we visited the pharmacy and took a test which turned out negative. Doubting the efficacy of a 5cedis test kit amidst persistent fever and headaches, he began treating malaria. A treatment that proved fruitful to eradicate fever but increased general body weakness and headaches. Almost through with his course, I also came down with severe fever and began the same treatment. Little did I know that my greatest enemy visited without invitation.

Loss of appetite, Loss of taste and smell, Sleepless nights and Frustration ensued. Now the question began recurring in my mind, “are we infected with corona?” of course, the best answer to this will be to take a test. following this development, my husband took the first test at the Ridge hospital. I do remember while he was at the centre checking his status, I kept calling him on phone every 5 minutes “don’t get close to anyone there so you don’t bring the virus home oo”

Who will infect Who? Smiles…...

Going through one week of uncertainty, body pains, skin rashes, mild cough, shortness of breath and yet no result from Ridge hospital on our status conditioned us to see a good doctor at the Achimota hospital. Upon examination, she recommended we both begin treatment of Covid19. We purchased the recommended drugs; Axis 250, Vitamin C and Zinc and began usage instantly. As advised, we visited the Akawe general hospital to take a test hoping “this one will come faster”. We got better!

Still unsure of what happened to us, after two additional weeks of no feedback from any hospital. I knew this; ‘something’ happened to us and we recovered from it. I went about my daily duties like nothing happened.

Fast-forward to a promising day, my husband received a call from Akawe that he tested positive for covid19. “Eeeiii so we had Corona”. We visited the centre for disease control the next day where a re-test was conducted.

Our result came after three weeks, no contact tracing was taken, no counselling was given to us on how to get treated for the virus. The Country is Overwhelmed!

Though disappointed with the response of our health system, I thank God we pulled through. Indeed, there is no testimony without a test.

My advice to someone out there: Covid 19 Is Real but It is Not your End. If I Can Survive It, You Can Survive It.