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Opinions of Monday, 14 December 2015

Columnist: Daily Guide

My assessment of ‘opana’

“The biggest criminals that I have met in life are working for the government. They make mass murderers look like amateurs” ? Steven Magee

It wasn’t too long ago when Opana Ogwanfunu took total control of the presidency. It is no secret that he became president courtesy of his predecessor’s unannounced trip to Samanfoland. A lot of water has since passed under the bridge and I deem it fair to assess his reign thus far.

I intend using Opana’s own criteria in making my assessment to avoid being accused of unfairness. What he said prior to the 2008 polls during a ceremony to outdoor him as the running mate of the late Agya Atta continues to ring in my ears till today. He said comparing achievements was a recipe for mediocrity because every government builds schools, hospitals, roads, etc.

I totally agree with him. Even my illiterate grandmum would build schools, hospitals and roads if she were the president. I’m, therefore, resisting the temptation to criticize his government by citing the few developmental projects relative to the huge resources made available to him. It would be a recipe for mediocrity, to lampoon the president.

For me, one of the major achievements of his is creating the conducive atmosphere for people to line their pockets with state cowries. You are aware of the numerous ‘create, loot and share’ schemes such as the GYEEDA debacle, the ‘Akomfem’ palaver and the sad SADA saga, so I’m not going to mention any names.

One of the president’s most significant successes is his ability to amuse his compatriots with his theatrics and dancing skills. After making life a living hell for most of his compatriots, through the mismanagement of the economy, he always manages to entertain his compatriots with his Azonto skills. His favourite is Daddy Lumba’s hit tune, ‘yentie obiaa’.

In other words, his critics can continue to criticize him; and the suffering masses can continue to cry their voices hoarse at the unprecedented suffering they are compelled to endure. His only response to them through his ‘yentie obiaa’ dance is that he does not see evil; neither does he hear nor speak evil. He even now calls himself ‘Mr Dead-Goat’.

Aside making his compatriots reel under severe economic pressure, his mismanagement of the economy has also afforded some pastors the opportunity to pray for the depreciating cedi. The interesting aspect of it all is that the stubborn cedi refuses to heed to the prayers. The more the prayers are said, the faster the stubborn cedi depreciates against the other trading currencies. Perhaps, the cedi’s stubbornness is a clear manifestation of the so-called clergymen to stop deluding themselves into believing that they are powerful.

You see, one of the strongest points of Opana is the fact that he is very smart. I’m sure you do remember that he was the one who supervised the purchase of the five aircrafts, including the Embraer 190 and the hangar. He knew his compatriots would raise eyebrows on the inflated prices of the jets and the hangar. But he was also smart enough to realise that raising eyebrows is the farthest his compatriots could go.

Latter events have proved him right, haven’t they? Even when Agya Ofuntuo tried investigating the matter, did the committee comprising of Hon William Aboah, Mr George Amoah and General Allotey (Rtd) not fizzle out into thin air?

Indeed, it is only a smart president who would continue pumping cowries in a state institution that continues to invest in phantom projects. No wonder he promoted the one who orchestrated such wanton wastage to the position of ambassador. If you are wondering what I’m talking about, I’m sure SADA’s ‘akomfem’ project and Alhaji Gilbert Iddi’s elevation would clear the fogs in your medulla.

Last Thursday was World Anti-Corruption Day. As expected, Opana came out to exhibit his theatrics by singing his pito song. Unfortunately for him, the suffering masses cannot dance to his pito music. The only persons who would dance to his pito music are the ones drinking the pito with him. The likes of Woyome and Alhaji Iddi are those who would dance with him.

Ours has now become a society that glorifies success without questioning how it was achieved. Honesty, integrity and hard work are no longer cherished. Dubious and fraudulent ways to success have become the order of the day. Otherwise, Dead-Goats wouldn’t have been at the helm of affairs in this country.

I’ve said this before and I would repeat it here. The bird may think it is the most cunning creature, but it is mere fibre that is used to trap it. Any wise leader would ponder over these words. But I wonder if the Dead-Goat is listening!

See you next week for another interesting konkonsa, Deo volente!