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Opinions of Sunday, 10 November 2013

Columnist: Allotey, Henry Kpakpo

My Visit to the Synagogue Church of All Nations- Part 2

The following day which was a Saturday was quite eventful. That was the day we all have to register for the prayer line which will be ministered on the Sunday. This registered was quite significant as it determines what exactly you will be prayed for by either the Wiseman or the Prophet himself. As news went viral that the Prophet himself will be on the prayer line to administer deliverance, healing and breakthrough to the worshippers, the patronage of the registration of the prayer line was quite massive. Of course, yours truly was also there. I also need massive deliverance in my life.

The sort of questions asked by those doing the registration was very revealing. I was asked what brought me to the SCOAN, whether I had any physical or spiritual ailment and what specifically I want the Man of God to do for me on the prayer line. Now, I have been informed that for your physical ailment to be recognized for healing, you need to produce medical report from 3 different renown hospitals before it can accepted. For example, I cannot go to the SCOAN and tell them I have diabetes and be accepted on the prayer line without any medical evidence from a recognized hospital. This was quite significant as many bad belle people have labeled the miracles being performed at the SCOAN as play acting and fake.
If the SCOAN wanted to deceive the world about the miracles it performs, why will it insist that those who need healing produce authentic medical reports to back their ailment before they are accepted on the prayer line? With my naked eyes I saw people with medical certificates detailing their physical ailments. I saw HIV people, those who cannot walk, those with corsets around their neck, mentally unstable people and others suffering from one medical condition to the other. For those without any physical ailment, they registered for spiritual healing like devil attack, family curse, and breakthrough. I was registered for breakthrough which I needed badly in my life. Of course, I had some physical ailment which I needed healing but without any medical report I couldn’t put it down but I had FAITH that if touched by the Man of God I will receive my healing!

As evening approached, I was a little anxious with how the Sunday service will go like. In my local church, I can hardly carry on for more than 2 hours of worship. I have watched Emmanuel TV and have seen how long the SCOAN Sunday worship takes. I was skeptical whether I can carry on for that long worship. My roommates confirmed my fears that the Sunday worship is a daylong affair but quickly assured me that I will neither be tired nor bored and at the end of the day, I will be yearning for more. I was skeptical of their assurance but I hoped for the best.

On Sunday, we had our breakfast by 6 am and proceeded to the Arena of Liberty; which is how the SCOAN calls their worship auditorium. I was marveled by how orderly and efficient the ushers carried out their assignment. Every visitor obeyed the directions of the ushers and seated where they were told to sit. I was privileged to sit just three seats from the front row with a clear view of the magnificent platform and closer view of the Man of God. I couldn’t help but to marvel at the different nationalities that had gathered at the SCOAN to worship with them. On my left was a man from Zimbabwe, my right was seated the Nigerian coach, in from of me were visitors from Cameroon and South Africa and to my extreme right was an Angolan! Truly, the Synagogue Church is a Church for all nations!

Service started with song ministration and prayers. Worshippers were led into prayer mood by the melodious voices of the choir and I cannot help but to acknowledge the deep prayers being offered to our maker. Soon people started giving their wonderful testimonies that brought life to the Arena of Liberty. The testimonies ranged from the power of the Anointed water, anointed stickers and other breakthroughs that had emerged in their lives after associating with the SCOAN. I never hesitated to acknowledge their joys as I am a living witness to the power of what they are testifying.

Then one of the Wise men made his entrance and led the congregation into a short sermon. It was short but quite powerful. I noticed how simple their message was without any display of ostentation or attempt to confuse their listeners through the use of unnecessary vocabs or shouting. His message was a message of love and how we can accomplish everything through love. I was moved! For the first time I was hearing a message that was far different from the prosperity message I was weekly bombarded with in my church every Sunday! We were urged to cultivate love and our problems will be lessened.

More songs, testimonies followed before Prophet T.B Joshua made his humble appearance. He preached a simple message of how prayers can be answered and why it was not proper to base your faith in God through the outcome of your prayers. He reminded the congregation that no matter your circumstances, you can still be in God’s favor. He repeatedly reminded the congregation that you can be poor, sick but still be a child of God. That was a sobering thought!
Some pastors have made us believe that if you are poor, sick and without any breakthrough in your life it means that God is angry with you. Some even allude to the illusion that if you are having problems in your life it means you are not paying your tithe! But Prophet T.B Joshua held a contrary message. We can be poor, sick and still find favor with God! This is the truest message from God!

We were then led into the prayer line where Prophet T.B Joshua touched each of us and administered healing, breakthrough and other spiritual food to us. When I was touched by the Man of God, I experienced a real sensation all over my body and felt God’s power going through me. For the first time, I felt whole and complete. It was like a burden has been lifted from me and I felt a real spiritual awakening. I am so thankful to God for recognizing my sinful state and extending a hand of forgiveness to me!
With my naked eyes I saw demons being cast out, people being healed from their sickness and hope being extended to the hopeless. There was real power from God at the prayer line and it was noticeable! Truly, God dwells in the SCOAN!

After the prayer line, we were led to have our lunch and a little break. We went back to the Arena of Liberty were the Man of God delivered more messages and led the congregation in mass prayer. I will say also, the Mass prayer was a wonderful outpouring of God’s power on his servants. We were commanded to order every demon out of our lives and ask for forgiveness in our error ways. He completed his presence by asking us to pray for Nigeria and ask God to intervene in the protracted strike action by the Association Staff of the University Union (ASUU) which has paralyzed the universities and led to its closure.

After he made his exit, the wise men made their entrance and delivered further deliverance to the congregation. More testimonies were heard and the final Mass Prayers were led by the wise men. By 10:30PM everything has come to an end!

Was I tired? Was I bored? the answer is a deafening no! By the close of the service, I was yearning for more. This is how God works. In the sight of God, there is definitely no dull moment. I thoroughly enjoyed my worship with the SCOAN and wished the service had gone on forever!

By this time, I have still not met the Man of God one on one and was getting a bit anxious. I have been told he will meet me but I was wondering when. By Monday evening I have still not met him and my flight was Tuesday 7:15am with check in time being 4:30-5:45 am. By Tuesday morning when I was scheduled to leave I had still not met the Man of God. But I never knew there was something very significant I hadn’t done during my stay at the SCOAN and God wanted me to do before I leave.
What was that? And did I leave without seeing the man of God? Watch out for Part 3 of my Visit to the SCOAN!