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Opinions of Monday, 17 October 2011

Columnist: Yankey, Stephen Duasua

My Top Four Radio Morning Shows In Ghana- Part 2

While reflecting on the first part of this write-up, it dawned on me that my top four (4) radio morning shows were indeed made up of two Twi-based as well as two-English shows. Honestly, that outstanding feature hadn’t come to mind until now. Having considered Kokrokoo, a Twi-based show and obviously Peace Fm’s flagship programme, it’s only prudent that I consider an English-based show, for a change.

This show has in fact been what most of the inhabitants of corporate Ghana have been waking up to. You can call it the “kokrokoo” of the educated elite. It is however worthy of note that the use of the term “kokrokoo” here is with reference to the wake-up call most hens and cocks send out each morning. Manned by another of Ghana’s finest broadcasters, his show is indeed his station’s flagship programme; The Super Morning Show (SMS). Hosted by Kojo Oppong Nkrumah, the SMS indeed touches every sensitive spot.

The show isn’t complete without a motivational word from award-winning playwright, counselor and motivational speaker, Uncle Ebo Whyte. His words are the needed elements to get you in the right frame of mind for the working day. After a quick run through the headlines of the leading newspapers, the sweet voice of Kojo Oppong Nkrumah guides listeners throughout the show, lasting till 10am. Whether he’s on the phone lines, speaking to newsmakers or analyzing the news-making headlines, he comes across as a young man who is truly talented to the core. Sometimes, one wonders why he never pursued a first degree in Mass Communication, but rather toiled at the University of Cape Coast for a Bachelor of Commerce! But perhaps, it’s from the Casely Hayford Hall (CASFORD), his hall of affiliation as an undergraduate that he garnered that can-do spirit.
The SMS is always complete with the latest music which leads listeners wondering how the current affairs cum politics and development inclined show can be so in sync with music. It’s a delight listening to Kojo’s funny comments about the songs he plays and I must confess he’s got good taste for music.

The astute SMS listener would have the privilege of listening to various lawmakers as well as those who matter, on their views on issues being discussed. Almost every time, the right questions are posed, necessitating answers that no doubt inform the opinions of listeners. Because the show and in fact the station, JOY 99.7 Fm, runs all its shows in English, it reaches out to all who comprehend the Queen’s tongue. And indeed, a vast majority of Ghanaians are unable to comprehend the popular Akan language. The SMS therefore reaches out to all such ones including the huge representation of foreigners Ghana has come to be home to. This includes members of the diplomatic corp., refugees, asylum seekers and businessmen. All who fall within this bracket are assured of high quality debates, analysis, and entertainment when they tune in to the Super Morning Show.

Thanks to the wonders of technology, listeners across many oceans can still tune in to the SMS via although that feat has also been achieved by Peace Fm’s Kokrokoo which also streams live on the internet via Perhaps the uniqueness of the Super Morning Show is how it incorporates social networking into the morning show. Thus listeners do air their views and interact via Facebook and Twitter, getting to have their messages read all the same, at little or no cost, rather than using the conventional MTN short code 1422 which costs 30Gp per text.

In terms of promotions and packages for listeners, the SMS sets the standard. Every now and then, a new promotion pops up, promising to start a period of great activity. Perhaps, that’s what Joy Fm is noted for. My personal favorite over the years has been the Read One Hundred (100) Project, which sought to incite listeners, especially the young, to read, while assured of gaining rewards if they were diligent enough at their reading.

Indeed the Super Morning Show lives up to its name. It’s a super morning show; educative, informative, analytical, motivational and entertaining. No doubt it won the CIMG Radio Programme of the Year and GJA Radio Programme of the Year; call it the double, in 2008. It’s little wonder therefore that the Super Morning Show is seated comfortably as a part of my personal top four (4) radio morning shows.

Stephen Duasua Yankey
The writer is a final year student of the University of Cape Coast, with keen interest in contemporary issues. Most of his writings are motivated by personal experiences.